Pulse: a Free Bootstrap Restaurant Website Template Pulse: a Free Bootstrap Restaurant Website Template Pulse: a Free Bootstrap Restaurant Website Template Pulse: a Free Bootstrap Restaurant Website Template

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For food businesses, Pulse is one of the best free Bootstrap restaurant website templates you can find today. Not only does it have a stunning and attention-grabbing appearance, but it is also rich in features. First and foremost, Pulse is mobile-ready, compatible with web browsers and high performing. It is optimized in a way to deliver the best experience to handheld and desktop device users. They sure will be salivating over the delicious images of your tasty dishes.

Moreover, Pulse has a spectacular slider, neat and categorized food menu, Google Maps and an active contact form. On top of that, Pulse also comes with a blog/news section which you can use for all sorts of intentions. From exclusive deals and seasonal events to even more advanced stuff like well thought out content marketing. Get your restaurant known with Pulse.

The color palette of this template is composed by 40 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Sycamore #8e743e rgb(142,116,62)
Corduroy #6a6b6b rgb(106,107,107)
Saddle #542c28 rgb(84,44,40)
Merlin #3d3531 rgb(61,53,49)
Dusty Gray #949494 rgb(148,148,148)
Mid Gray #6d6d6e rgb(109,109,110)
Coconut Cream #fcfcec rgb(252,252,236)
Chenin #dbcc7e rgb(219,204,126)
Gray #828181 rgb(130,129,129)
Cloud Burst #233659 rgb(35,54,89)
Mine Shaft #393637 rgb(57,54,55)
Givry #f6f4b8 rgb(246,244,184)
Sycamore #709040 rgb(112,144,64)
Dove Gray #6c6c6c rgb(108,108,108)
Black Marlin #382c18 rgb(56,44,24)
Thunder #393234 rgb(57,50,52)
Old Gold #d2b03c rgb(210,176,60)
Dove Gray #736e6c rgb(115,110,108)
Chelsea Gem #9c6404 rgb(156,100,4)
Dune #372f2f rgb(55,47,47)
Straw #d5c089 rgb(213,192,137)
Sushi #80a848 rgb(128,168,72)
Friar Gray #7c7c78 rgb(124,124,120)
Woodland #465c27 rgb(70,92,39)
Dove Gray #686868 rgb(104,104,104)
Reef Gold #a4841c rgb(164,132,28)
Scarpa Flow #5c5c5e rgb(92,92,94)
Black Marlin #3a2417 rgb(58,36,23)
Corduroy #5e6666 rgb(94,102,102)
Sweet Corn #fce484 rgb(252,228,132)
Roti #c4a64c rgb(196,166,76)
Ironside Gray #6b6a68 rgb(107,106,104)
Graphite #271d08 rgb(39,29,8)
Dune #2c2a28 rgb(44,42,40)
Yuma #cabc8d rgb(202,188,141)
Lightning Yellow #fac417 rgb(250,196,23)
Regent Gray #8c989d rgb(140,152,157)
Coffee Bean #2f190e rgb(47,25,14)
Mondo #3f3228 rgb(63,50,40)
Equator #e0c65c rgb(224,198,92)

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