Coffee Blend: a Free Coffee Website Template Coffee Blend: a Free Coffee Website Template Coffee Blend: a Free Coffee Website Template Coffee Blend: a Free Coffee Website Template Coffee Blend: a Free Coffee Website Template

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Coffee Blend is a free coffee website template for nearly any type of coffee-based business you plan to launch or already run. With this in mind, you know that Coffee Blend is a highly adaptive site canvas which is at the same time super simple to use. Moreover, the tool is responsive and mobile-ready, following all the latest trends and regulations regarding modern web and technology.

No doubt, your page based on Coffee Blend will work smoothly as butter, displaying all its content to everyone seamlessly. And if it happens that dark layout is your favorite, you will dig Coffee Blend ten times more. It loads content on scroll, sports animated statistics, hover effect, filterable menu and a blog. Use Coffee Blend as is or tweak and improve it however you see it fit your cafe or bar best. Whatever the case, the end product will always be of the highest degree.

The color palette of this template is composed by 53 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Twine #bf9966 rgb(191,153,102)
Hurricane #938c8c rgb(147,140,140)
Potters Clay #855936 rgb(133,89,54)
Mondo #45362c rgb(69,54,44)
Hampton #e2cca7 rgb(226,204,167)
Twine #c49c64 rgb(196,156,100)
Toast #946c60 rgb(148,108,96)
Buttered Rum #a4740c rgb(164,116,12)
Masala #3c3333 rgb(60,51,51)
Cameo #dcb4a4 rgb(220,180,164)
Twine #c19a65 rgb(193,154,101)
Dorado #655250 rgb(101,82,80)
Tosca #923e46 rgb(146,62,70)
Masala #3d3433 rgb(61,52,51)
Porsche #e8a464 rgb(232,164,100)
Paarl #9c542c rgb(156,84,44)
Pine Cone #715d50 rgb(113,93,80)
Reno Sand #ae6911 rgb(174,105,17)
Dune #332c2b rgb(51,44,43)
Chalky #eec88d rgb(238,200,141)
Tuscany #b46928 rgb(180,105,40)
Tobacco Brown #6b5549 rgb(107,85,73)
Cognac #923e1a rgb(146,62,26)
Woody Brown #3d302c rgb(61,48,44)
Sidecar #f1daad rgb(241,218,173)
Antique Brass #c28f6e rgb(194,143,110)
Kabul #634d43 rgb(99,77,67)
Reno Sand #ac6616 rgb(172,102,22)
Masala #403937 rgb(64,57,55)
Buff #f2ca87 rgb(242,202,135)
Bourbon #bc7127 rgb(188,113,39)
Tobacco Brown #6b5448 rgb(107,84,72)
Cumin #944522 rgb(148,69,34)
Taupe #3e322e rgb(62,50,46)
Double Colonial White #f0d9ad rgb(240,217,173)
Cape Palliser #a26841 rgb(162,104,65)
Dorado #66524c rgb(102,82,76)
Cognac #9e341e rgb(158,52,30)
Taupe #3c3129 rgb(60,49,41)
Tacha #d9c965 rgb(217,201,101)
Bull Shot #84541c rgb(132,84,28)
Don Juan #5c545c rgb(92,84,92)
Tundora #4d4847 rgb(77,72,71)
Cognac #a03b17 rgb(160,59,23)
Sandal #ad896a rgb(173,137,106)
Tuscany #b8702b rgb(184,112,43)
Kabul #675248 rgb(103,82,72)
Wild Rice #ebe08d rgb(235,224,141)
Marigold #bd8c2e rgb(189,140,46)
Ironside Gray #6a6864 rgb(106,104,100)
Mirage #1c203b rgb(28,32,59)
River Bed #46575c rgb(70,87,92)
Bone #e4d3c2 rgb(228,211,194)

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