Pizza: the Number One Free Pizza Website Template Pizza: the Number One Free Pizza Website Template Pizza: the Number One Free Pizza Website Template Pizza: the Number One Free Pizza Website Template Pizza: the Number One Free Pizza Website Template

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Pizza is your number one free pizza website template that delivers a spectacular, tasty, refined and remarkable web design. While it works best with pizzerias, you can also use Pizza template for all sorts of different projects, like restaurants, bakeries and other food-based businesses. It is, indeed, a super versatile and pliable layout that quickly adapts to all sorts of ideas and requirements you may have.

With the stunning dark look and a large slideshow, you can create a strong first impression and have all your visitors hooked. Display your tasty pizzas, advertise your mouthwatering menu and allow people to get in touch with you using the integrated contact page. Utilize Google Maps to showcase your location and link you fresh pizza website with your thriving social media accounts. Employ your best free pizza website template to its full potential.

The color palette of this template is composed by 52 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Raw Sienna #ce8b4f rgb(206,139,79)
Zorba #9f958f rgb(159,149,143)
Thunderbird #b62316 rgb(182,35,22)
Millbrook #5e4333 rgb(94,67,51)
Tan #d1ad8e rgb(209,173,142)
Cape Palliser #a47444 rgb(164,116,68)
Sandal #a4836e rgb(164,131,110)
Quincy #60402c rgb(96,64,44)
Tobacco Brown #6c513e rgb(108,81,62)
Rodeo Dust #d0b29c rgb(208,178,156)
Potters Clay #97573a rgb(151,87,58)
Muesli #a6795b rgb(166,121,91)
Walnut #674018 rgb(103,64,24)
Shingle Fawn #70503c rgb(112,80,60)
Potters Clay #8c6c3c rgb(140,108,60)
Shingle Fawn #6c5434 rgb(108,84,52)
Kelp #504c3c rgb(80,76,60)
Roti #cda356 rgb(205,163,86)
Buttercup #f5b409 rgb(245,180,9)
Driftwood #a58349 rgb(165,131,73)
Mandalay #a67519 rgb(166,117,25)
Woodsmoke #131415 rgb(19,20,21)
Koromiko #fcc464 rgb(252,196,100)
Cape Palliser #986e46 rgb(152,110,70)
Millbrook #694f39 rgb(105,79,57)
Stiletto #96382e rgb(150,56,46)
Flax Smoke #798156 rgb(121,129,86)
Twine #be9c64 rgb(190,156,100)
Old Copper #70472d rgb(112,71,45)
Asparagus #7b955e rgb(123,149,94)
Roof Terracotta #a33421 rgb(163,52,33)
Dove Gray #726f6e rgb(114,111,110)
Twine #bf9664 rgb(191,150,100)
Luxor Gold #a47c34 rgb(164,124,52)
Spicy Mix #8c5c44 rgb(140,92,68)
Dallas #644c1f rgb(100,76,31)
Tuatara #40403f rgb(64,64,63)
Antique Brass #cc945c rgb(204,148,92)
Old Copper #7c5434 rgb(124,84,52)
Finlandia #5c645c rgb(92,100,92)
Bull Shot #84541c rgb(132,84,28)
Shuttle Gray #585c64 rgb(88,92,100)
Teak #b59064 rgb(181,144,100)
Dove Gray #6c6868 rgb(108,104,104)
Copper #ac6c2f rgb(172,108,47)
Nandor #525552 rgb(82,85,82)
Tacao #edb880 rgb(237,184,128)
Cape Palliser #aa7f3d rgb(170,127,61)
Edward #a3a6a4 rgb(163,166,164)
West Coast #6a461a rgb(106,70,26)
Storm Dust #6a6a66 rgb(106,106,102)
Stark White #e7d5c1 rgb(231,213,193)

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