TheVenue: a Free Responsive Restaurant Website Template TheVenue: a Free Responsive Restaurant Website Template TheVenue: a Free Responsive Restaurant Website Template TheVenue: a Free Responsive Restaurant Website Template

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Thanks to TheVenue, this free responsive restaurant website template will help you achieve great results in the online space with its impressive and remarkable web design. Not only that, but with its organized structure, tidiness and high optimization as well. Just as tasty and delicious as your food is, so should be your online presence. With TheVenue, your restaurant, cafe or any other food business website will work smoothly and efficiently on all devices and browsers, too.

TheVenue follows all the latest design and web trends to make sure your page stands the test of time. Striking parallax effect, video support, unique food menu, reservation form with date and time picker and a fully functional contact page with Google Maps, TheVenue delivers the must-haves and then some. Create an extraordinary experience for all your customers, starting with your website.

The color palette of this template is composed by 39 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Driftwood #ad8251 rgb(173,130,81)
Scorpion #5a5656 rgb(90,86,86)
Black Marlin #392b1b rgb(57,43,27)
Cape Cod #3d3e3e rgb(61,62,62)
Tan #cca37e rgb(204,163,126)
Bronco #aba499 rgb(171,164,153)
Firefly #0c1726 rgb(12,23,38)
Cement #847360 rgb(132,115,96)
Muddy Waters #bc8c60 rgb(188,140,96)
Sorrell Brown #c6a583 rgb(198,165,131)
Nandor #55615c rgb(85,97,92)
Spice #6c4134 rgb(108,65,52)
Taupe #4e4338 rgb(78,67,56)
Cameo #ddc1ab rgb(221,193,171)
Sycamore #749144 rgb(116,145,68)
Gunsmoke #7c8484 rgb(124,132,132)
Woodland #4d642d rgb(77,100,45)
Green Kelp #2d4124 rgb(45,65,36)
Red Robin #823f1f rgb(130,63,31)
Edward #acaeae rgb(172,174,174)
Mallard #2a441e rgb(42,68,30)
Chalet Green #4b6834 rgb(75,104,52)
Cameo #dfc3a4 rgb(223,195,164)
Downy #60c8cc rgb(96,200,204)
Dusty Gray #949494 rgb(148,148,148)
Blue Dianne #206164 rgb(32,97,100)
Dove Gray #646464 rgb(100,100,100)
Chestnut #b45f4a rgb(180,95,74)
Chicago #5d5c5b rgb(93,92,91)
Cocoa Bean #44241c rgb(68,36,28)
Tundora #4c4c4c rgb(76,76,76)
Amethyst #9850c8 rgb(152,80,200)
Honey Flower #491f64 rgb(73,31,100)
Mine Shaft #242424 rgb(36,36,36)
Brown Rust #b86646 rgb(184,102,70)
Dove Gray #696766 rgb(105,103,102)
Cocoa Bean #46271b rgb(70,39,27)
Tundora #494544 rgb(73,69,68)
Bone #e6cec4 rgb(230,206,196)

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