Bakery2: a Free Mobile-Ready Bakery Website Template Bakery2: a Free Mobile-Ready Bakery Website Template Bakery2: a Free Mobile-Ready Bakery Website Template Bakery2: a Free Mobile-Ready Bakery Website Template

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As the name suggests, Bakery2 is a free mobile-ready bakery website template with a fresh and modern web design. From now on, your delicious food creations will appear even tastier than they already are. With Bakery2’s full-screen slider, you can feature mouthwatering pictures and persuade just about everyone that ever visits your page. And to create a page that is attractive, neat and professional, you do not need to spend a whole bunch of time working on it. After all, Bakery2 has most of the content and elements at your service.

With Bakery2 free mobile-ready bakery website template you get a neat home page and several other internal sections. Showcase your must-try food menu, introduce yourself on the about page and start a blog. The latter, you can efficiently use a standalone food blog, too. On top of that, Bakery2 also contains a fully active contact page with form and Google Maps.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Alizarin Crimson #eb2c2d rgb(235,44,45)
Millbrook #69503a rgb(105,80,58)
West Coast #633e1a rgb(99,62,26)
Mondo #46352a rgb(70,53,42)
Carnation #f4484c rgb(244,72,76)
Sepia Skin #a2643e rgb(162,100,62)
Scarpa Flow #5f5c63 rgb(95,92,99)
Old Copper #754834 rgb(117,72,52)
Tundora #494042 rgb(73,64,66)
Harvest Gold #e2a577 rgb(226,165,119)
Copper #c07b42 rgb(192,123,66)
Suva Gray #848083 rgb(132,128,131)
Bull Shot #87481f rgb(135,72,31)
Thunder #3e363a rgb(62,54,58)
Oriental Pink #c89b84 rgb(200,155,132)
Antique Brass #c68d5c rgb(198,141,92)
Silver Chalice #a4a4a4 rgb(164,164,164)
Cioccolato #50250c rgb(80,37,12)
Don Juan #5c5151 rgb(92,81,81)
Tonys Pink #ea948a rgb(234,148,138)
Twine #c28f55 rgb(194,143,85)
Rodeo Dust #c6a695 rgb(198,166,149)
Bronze #4a210b rgb(74,33,11)
Ship Gray #413c48 rgb(65,60,72)
Pomegranate #ef2f2e rgb(239,47,46)
Cape Palliser #9a6346 rgb(154,99,70)
Sandal #ac8e6b rgb(172,142,107)
Quincy #5b3a29 rgb(91,58,41)
Congo Brown #54393b rgb(84,57,59)
Ronchi #eeaa50 rgb(238,170,80)
Alizarin Crimson #ec2c2c rgb(236,44,44)
Waterloo #848494 rgb(132,132,148)
Black Pearl #040c1c rgb(4,12,28)
Ebony Clay #2e3444 rgb(46,52,68)
Linen #fcecec rgb(252,236,236)
Spicy Mix #935c44 rgb(147,92,68)
Shady Lady #a199a0 rgb(161,153,160)
Deep Oak #45250f rgb(69,37,15)
Rock #543a3b rgb(84,58,59)
New Orleans #f1d199 rgb(241,209,153)
Pomegranate #ef3130 rgb(239,49,48)
Manatee #9498a6 rgb(148,152,166)
Shuttle Gray #5f6576 rgb(95,101,118)
Pigeon Post #aec7da rgb(174,199,218)

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