Tasty: a Free Restaurant and Food Website Template Tasty: a Free Restaurant and Food Website Template Tasty: a Free Restaurant and Food Website Template Tasty: a Free Restaurant and Food Website Template Tasty: a Free Restaurant and Food Website Template

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To end the hunt for the best free restaurant and food website template, go with one of the greatest on the market, Tasty. It is a Bootstrap-based, flexible, easy to use and highly adaptive tool for anyone in the industry. Perform a site redesign or launch a refreshing new one with the help from the jaw-dropping tool, Tasty. There is nothing else that needs to be said other than take action, download it and have an active restaurant website ready to go live in a few.

Massive slider, booking form, on scroll content reveal, nifty and categorized food menu and parallax effect, these are just a few of the features and assets Tasty rocks the web design world with. Make it your own, enrich it with your personal touch and let it follow your branding to reach the best results.

The color palette of this template is composed by 51 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
El Salva #8b2d2d rgb(139,45,45)
Suva Gray #8a8388 rgb(138,131,136)
Cocoa Bean #5a2326 rgb(90,35,38)
Scorpion #675e63 rgb(103,94,99)
Tumbleweed #dfab83 rgb(223,171,131)
Tussock #c68a50 rgb(198,138,80)
Natural Gray #888480 rgb(136,132,128)
Luxor Gold #94842c rgb(148,132,44)
Gravel #433c44 rgb(67,60,68)
Maize #f4d69c rgb(244,214,156)
Paarl #ac572c rgb(172,87,44)
Dusty Gray #9a9a9a rgb(154,154,154)
Bronzetone #4d3c0e rgb(77,60,14)
Gravel #433d44 rgb(67,61,68)
Zombie #e8d59a rgb(232,213,154)
Sycamore #8d8536 rgb(141,133,54)
Au Chico #885953 rgb(136,89,83)
Woodrush #3a3813 rgb(58,56,19)
Scorpion #66585e rgb(102,88,94)
Rob Roy #eec682 rgb(238,198,130)
Tia Maria #da4a0c rgb(218,74,12)
Bazaar #948081 rgb(148,128,129)
Paco #441412 rgb(68,20,18)
Scorpion #695e64 rgb(105,94,100)
Putty #e8ce9a rgb(232,206,154)
Tan #cc9c84 rgb(204,156,132)
Xanadu #7c847c rgb(124,132,124)
Irish Coffee #5d3926 rgb(93,57,38)
Abbey #535457 rgb(83,84,87)
Cashmere #e8caa7 rgb(232,202,167)
Calico #dbb986 rgb(219,185,134)
Sandal #b48e79 rgb(180,142,121)
Punga #473214 rgb(71,50,20)
Roman Coffee #82604e rgb(130,96,78)
Oyster Pink #ecd2d0 rgb(236,210,208)
Cumin #8c3c1c rgb(140,60,28)
Leather #967b5b rgb(150,123,91)
Mikado #3a2915 rgb(58,41,21)
Tundora #484042 rgb(72,64,66)
Copperfield #dc946c rgb(220,148,108)
Abbey #4c4c54 rgb(76,76,84)
Tundora #443c44 rgb(68,60,68)
Potters Clay #8d5739 rgb(141,87,57)
Stack #9e9f9e rgb(158,159,158)
Woodrush #3e2b14 rgb(62,43,20)
Tundora #443d41 rgb(68,61,65)
Pavlova #d7c6a1 rgb(215,198,161)
Limed Oak #af9453 rgb(175,148,83)
Jumbo #7c7c80 rgb(124,124,128)
Old Copper #72492e rgb(114,73,46)
Tundora #433b43 rgb(67,59,67)

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