Steak: a Free Steakhouse Website Template Steak: a Free Steakhouse Website Template Steak: a Free Steakhouse Website Template Steak: a Free Steakhouse Website Template Steak: a Free Steakhouse Website Template

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As the name suggests, Steak is the best free steakhouse website template currently available on the market. Moreover, the tool is also powerful enough for you to use it for all sorts of different restaurant and food businesses. The web design of Steak is neat, tidy, modern and sophisticated what makes it easily adapt to varied purposes.

Full-screen banner with a call to action button, video support, on scroll content reveal, menu overlay and parallax effect are some of the awesome assets of Steak. Other features come in form of a categorized food menu, animated statistics, testimonials slider and a fully functional reservation form. In brief, Steak will help you craft the dream food-first website you always wanted to sport.

The color palette of this template is composed by 49 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Buccaneer #6e3136 rgb(110,49,54)
Falcon #846165 rgb(132,97,101)
Cocoa Bean #4e1a20 rgb(78,26,32)
Kabul #574d43 rgb(87,77,67)
Ironstone #84503c rgb(132,80,60)
Sirocco #697979 rgb(105,121,121)
Marigold #b69125 rgb(182,145,37)
Tundora #444444 rgb(68,68,68)
Carousel Pink #fcecf8 rgb(252,236,248)
Yellow Metal #7e6539 rgb(126,101,57)
Clay Creek #918967 rgb(145,137,103)
Quincy #5d3f2b rgb(93,63,43)
Cinder #0c0b14 rgb(12,11,20)
Tacha #d7be75 rgb(215,190,117)
Edward #a1a4a4 rgb(161,164,164)
Catskill White #f4f8fa rgb(244,248,250)
Tumbleweed #daab71 rgb(218,171,113)
Corduroy #585a5a rgb(88,90,90)
West Coast #69461b rgb(105,70,27)
Woodsmoke #050606 rgb(5,6,6)
Cameo #ddbe9d rgb(221,190,157)
San Juan #345c7a rgb(52,92,122)
Gull Gray #94acb4 rgb(148,172,180)
Blue Dianne #27465c rgb(39,70,92)
Storm Dust #5e5f5a rgb(94,95,90)
Downy #64d4b8 rgb(100,212,184)
Bismark #426a8c rgb(66,106,140)
Tapa #787770 rgb(120,119,112)
Ming #345c7c rgb(52,92,124)
Siam #595e4d rgb(89,94,77)
Kumera #8c5c24 rgb(140,92,36)
Shady Lady #9c9a9c rgb(156,154,156)
Potters Clay #966c31 rgb(150,108,49)
Go Ben #706c4b rgb(112,108,75)
Amethyst #a050cc rgb(160,80,204)
Bull Shot #845f18 rgb(132,95,24)
Soya Bean #676152 rgb(103,97,82)
Himalaya #636315 rgb(99,99,21)
Millbrook #56462f rgb(86,70,47)
Laser #cca474 rgb(204,164,116)
Dusty Gray #949494 rgb(148,148,148)
Irish Coffee #614523 rgb(97,69,35)
Shadow #877054 rgb(135,112,84)
Whiskey #d4a46c rgb(212,164,108)
Nutmeg #814e30 rgb(129,78,48)
Dusty Gray #9c9c9c rgb(156,156,156)
Irish Coffee #603a23 rgb(96,58,35)
Cocoa Brown #120d0d rgb(18,13,13)
Gold Sand #e4c38f rgb(228,195,143)

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