Delicious: a Free Recipe Website Template Delicious: a Free Recipe Website Template Delicious: a Free Recipe Website Template Delicious: a Free Recipe Website Template

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Get everyone’s mouth to salivate with Delicious free recipe website template. Intrigue them with the enticing pictures that the neat slideshow roles on repeat and get them introduced to your world of deliciousness. But that is just the beginning of your journey to successfully launching your dream website. If sharing recipes and cooking instructions is what you are passionate about, create an online portal that gets regularly updated with fresh treats.

Delicious has a luscious web design which is clean and minimal. Your pictures of food will stand out and spark everyone’s interest. Some of the tech goodies of this top-notch recipe-sharing template are drop-down navigation and mega menu, newsletter subscription widget and cool full-width Instagram feed. You can also start a food blog and share all sorts of different secret tips and tricks only you know about.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Brandy Punch #d48534 rgb(212,133,52)
Cement #8f7566 rgb(143,117,102)
Pickled Bean #6d3822 rgb(109,56,34)
Tobacco Brown #715d4b rgb(113,93,75)
Glacier #77aac6 rgb(119,170,198)
Turmeric #b4c144 rgb(180,193,68)
Tobacco Brown #715c49 rgb(113,92,73)
Sycamore #979842 rgb(151,152,66)
Tundora #464444 rgb(70,68,68)
Pine Glade #bcd494 rgb(188,212,148)
Mule Fawn #924a30 rgb(146,74,48)
Quicksand #c09990 rgb(192,153,144)
Cedar #451e16 rgb(69,30,22)
Shadow #8e8850 rgb(142,136,80)
Gold Sand #e4c690 rgb(228,198,144)
Apple #46bc3e rgb(70,188,62)
Silver Chalice #a4a4a4 rgb(164,164,164)
Irish Coffee #5a3826 rgb(90,56,38)
Zambezi #5e5656 rgb(94,86,86)
Mantis #84cc74 rgb(132,204,116)
Apple #44ba3c rgb(68,186,60)
Nandor #475754 rgb(71,87,84)
Ebony #0b131c rgb(11,19,28)
Taupe #3d312d rgb(61,49,45)
Pastel Green #64dc6c rgb(100,220,108)
Anzac #d89c40 rgb(216,156,64)
Mid Gray #64646c rgb(100,100,108)
Goblin #37742d rgb(55,116,45)
Tuatara #3a3937 rgb(58,57,55)
Mantis #6aca62 rgb(106,202,98)
Apple #43ba3b rgb(67,186,59)
Flint #6a645a rgb(106,100,90)
Sepia #774a16 rgb(119,74,22)
Nandor #41564c rgb(65,86,76)
Anzac #dba944 rgb(219,169,68)
Apple #54c44c rgb(84,196,76)
Swamp Green #b4c092 rgb(180,192,146)
Potters Clay #985a34 rgb(152,90,52)
Bright Gray #343c45 rgb(52,60,69)
Akaroa #d9cdb0 rgb(217,205,176)
Crail #be533d rgb(190,83,61)
Oriental Pink #c39889 rgb(195,152,137)
Korma #864a12 rgb(134,74,18)
Domino #826f5a rgb(130,111,90)
Calico #e2c591 rgb(226,197,145)

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