Diner: a Cool and Unique Free Restaurant and Cafe Website Diner: a Cool and Unique Free Restaurant and Cafe Website Diner: a Cool and Unique Free Restaurant and Cafe Website Diner: a Cool and Unique Free Restaurant and Cafe Website

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Without a doubt, Diner is one of the coolest and most unique free restaurant and cafe website template out there. It provides all the essential material and then some to bring your restaurant, bistro or any other food-based business to the internet in a distinct way. Luxuriate all your visitors with your quality cuisine and fresh food and hook them forever.

Diner comes with a responsive, professional and luscious homepage design along with several other inner sections. It covers every sector of your restaurant business and gives you a chance to bring something novel to the table. Mentioning all the incredible special effects here would take too long, so make sure to check the live preview and be impressed. However, we need to bring up that you get all three, reservation, contact and subscription forms part of the Diner kit.

The color palette of this template is composed by 38 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Sepia Skin #996c3a rgb(153,108,58)
Storm Gray #707177 rgb(112,113,119)
Irish Coffee #5f3c28 rgb(95,60,40)
Tobacco Brown #6d5a44 rgb(109,90,68)
Yuma #d1c494 rgb(209,196,148)
Casablanca #fab34b rgb(250,179,75)
Copper #ac7c34 rgb(172,124,52)
Goldenrod #fcc46c rgb(252,196,108)
Casablanca #fcb44c rgb(252,180,76)
Cloudy #a89f9c rgb(168,159,156)
Asphalt #110605 rgb(17,6,5)
Tobacco Brown #746c44 rgb(116,108,68)
Spindle #a2bae4 rgb(162,186,228)
Raw Sienna #cd8c39 rgb(205,140,57)
Dusty Gray #9c9c9c rgb(156,156,156)
Rich Gold #ac5404 rgb(172,84,4)
Tobacco Brown #705344 rgb(112,83,68)
Tan #ceae7a rgb(206,174,122)
Twine #c39c6c rgb(195,156,108)
Battleship Gray #828e75 rgb(130,142,117)
Fiery Orange #a24910 rgb(162,73,16)
Millbrook #694b3b rgb(105,75,59)
Pigeon Post #a5bed5 rgb(165,190,213)
Silver Chalice #aca4a4 rgb(172,164,164)
Double Pearl Lusta #fce4cc rgb(252,228,204)
Texas Rose #fcb454 rgb(252,180,84)
Black Bean #040c08 rgb(4,12,8)
Cocoa Brown #1c1414 rgb(28,20,20)
Chardonnay #fccc84 rgb(252,204,132)
Havelock Blue #4c9cdc rgb(76,156,220)
Falcon #7c646c rgb(124,100,108)
Denim #0c6cb4 rgb(12,108,180)
Black #040404 rgb(4,4,4)
Texas Rose #fcb45c rgb(252,180,92)
Mountain Mist #a09ea4 rgb(160,158,164)
Kumera #946424 rgb(148,100,36)
Quincy #663d32 rgb(102,61,50)
Cornflower Blue #5ca4e4 rgb(92,164,228)

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