Pixel Lite: a Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit Pixel Lite: a Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit Pixel Lite: a Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

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Pixel Lite Bootstrap 4 UI Kit is a beautifully crafted UI Kit based on Bootstrap 4 Components. This theme was built following Bootstrap's methodologies by the heart. It has 100 components, 3 plugins and 3 example pages. Every component is carefully created to be 100% responsive and to resemble the practices of Bootstrap 4 requirements. Kickstart your project with this handy UI Kit created by Themesberg.

Pixel Lite also has a PRO version boasting more than 1000 components, 50 sections and 25+ example pages coupled with an elegant use of Sass and Gulp commands with BrowserSync. Check it out: Pixel PRO Bootstrap 4 UI Kit. This template features:

  • 100 Unique Bootstrap 4 Components
  • 3 Example Pages
  • About Page
  • Contact Page
  • Modern and vibrant design
  • Fully responsive
  • Latest Bootstrap 4 CSS Framework
  • jQuery
  • Multiple color navigation bars
  • Sticky Navigation bar
  • Quality code
  • Free icons, logo and images

The color palette of this template is composed by 31 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Mountain Meadow #14ac7c rgb(20,172,124)
Ship Cove #7289b5 rgb(114,137,181)
Jungle Green #23b086 rgb(35,176,134)
San Marino #46669f rgb(70,102,159)
Fountain Blue #5ac6af rgb(90,198,175)
Puerto Rico #58c2a2 rgb(88,194,162)
Oslo Gray #8b8c92 rgb(139,140,146)
Shark #1c1e25 rgb(28,30,37)
Laser #cca46c rgb(204,164,108)
Twine #c5a075 rgb(197,160,117)
Shingle Fawn #71473b rgb(113,71,59)
Mountain Meadow #16a97d rgb(22,169,125)
Woodsmoke #18191e rgb(24,25,30)
Contessa #be7c63 rgb(190,124,99)
Chambray #385698 rgb(56,86,152)
Nepal #8c9cc4 rgb(140,156,196)
Cello #233660 rgb(35,54,96)
We Peep #f6dcdd rgb(246,220,221)
Carnation #fc5454 rgb(252,84,84)
Polo Blue #8eaaca rgb(142,170,202)
St Tropaz #244c94 rgb(36,76,148)
Martinique #443454 rgb(68,52,84)
Ecru White #fcfcf7 rgb(252,252,247)
Lavender #cc7ce8 rgb(204,124,232)
Fiord #444c64 rgb(68,76,100)
Scarlet Gum #581370 rgb(88,19,112)
Cinderella #fcdcd4 rgb(252,220,212)
St Tropaz #2c4c8c rgb(44,76,140)
Nepal #849cbc rgb(132,156,188)
Cannon Pink #7c4454 rgb(124,68,84)
Malibu #84c4f4 rgb(132,196,244)

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