Luto: a Free Restaurant Website Template Luto: a Free Restaurant Website Template Luto: a Free Restaurant Website Template Luto: a Free Restaurant Website Template Luto: a Free Restaurant Website Template

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Luto is ready to bring your tasty and delicious foods to the online space in the form of a free restaurant website template. The web design and the features of Luto are so advanced, you do not need to look for another tool to help your cover the creation of your page. It is all there, just a click away.

Moreover, Luto is an easy to use website template for restaurants with many supreme assets. From an enticing full-wide slideshow, parallax and hover effects to video support, astonishing filterable foods and drink menu and Instagram widget. Besides, down at the bottom, you will also find a handy reservation form with date and time pickers. When you need a product that speeds up the creation of your web presence for your food business, look no further than Luto.

The color palette of this template is composed by 52 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Crown of Thorns #7f232a rgb(127,35,42)
Sirocco #717f7d rgb(113,127,125)
Night Rider #15090b rgb(21,9,11)
Chicago #575452 rgb(87,84,82)
Manhattan #f4c094 rgb(244,192,148)
Tumbleweed #dca47a rgb(220,164,122)
Pablo #79756a rgb(121,117,106)
Cape Palliser #946444 rgb(148,100,68)
Outer Space #2a3c39 rgb(42,60,57)
Antique Brass #cc8c64 rgb(204,140,100)
Copperfield #db986a rgb(219,152,106)
Star Dust #a09f9c rgb(160,159,156)
Eternity #19190c rgb(25,25,12)
Outer Space #213534 rgb(33,53,52)
Cameo #d5b5a0 rgb(213,181,160)
Twine #c6945e rgb(198,148,94)
Zorba #9e9991 rgb(158,153,145)
Sepia Skin #985440 rgb(152,84,64)
Merlin #433e39 rgb(67,62,57)
Cameo #d8ba9f rgb(216,186,159)
Di Serria #e29c61 rgb(226,156,97)
Edward #9c9d9d rgb(156,157,157)
Bronzetone #3f2e0c rgb(63,46,12)
Masala #403b3a rgb(64,59,58)
Periwinkle Gray #abc5e0 rgb(171,197,224)
Silver Chalice #a4a4a4 rgb(164,164,164)
Abbey #525254 rgb(82,82,84)
Hot Cinnamon #d86424 rgb(216,100,36)
Natural Gray #8e8d8b rgb(142,141,139)
Korma #84360c rgb(132,54,12)
Fuscous Gray #4c4b4a rgb(76,75,74)
Red Damask #dc7c44 rgb(220,124,68)
Cape Palliser #a5744a rgb(165,116,74)
Dusty Gray #949494 rgb(148,148,148)
Desert #ac6420 rgb(172,100,32)
Taupe #3c362c rgb(60,54,44)
Wild Willow #b4bc64 rgb(180,188,100)
Christine #f2610f rgb(242,97,15)
Lemon Grass #909484 rgb(144,148,132)
Mexican Red #a4243c rgb(164,36,60)
Gray Asparagus #4b4c4b rgb(75,76,75)
Tan #ccac84 rgb(204,172,132)
Mule Fawn #9d5632 rgb(157,86,50)
Dawn #9a9998 rgb(154,153,152)
Van Cleef #3d1209 rgb(61,18,9)
Merlin #433f3b rgb(67,63,59)
Raw Sienna #d1964f rgb(209,150,79)
Antique Brass #cb8859 rgb(203,136,89)
Friar Gray #817d74 rgb(129,125,116)
Falu Red #7d201a rgb(125,32,26)
Fuscous Gray #56504c rgb(86,80,76)
Botticelli #d8e4ed rgb(216,228,237)

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