Redcayenne: a Free Bootstrap Restaurant Website Template Redcayenne: a Free Bootstrap Restaurant Website Template Redcayenne: a Free Bootstrap Restaurant Website Template Redcayenne: a Free Bootstrap Restaurant Website Template

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Just like you treat your customers with tastiness, so will Redcayenne free Bootstrap restaurant website template treat you. Due to the use of the powerful framework, your websites become a pliable and customizable resource for everything delicious. Redcayenne does things professionally to satisfy every guest and make them book a table in a snap. Whether you are building a fresh page or redesigning the current one, Redcayenne comes ideal for both situations.

The features of the free restaurant website template are so many, a novel would need to be written. However, a few quick words more but then the live preview will to the rest of the talking. Redcayenne has its own booking form, countdown timer for special events and a filterable food and drink menu which comes as a grid or list view. Cook the website with Redcayenne!

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Lemon Ginger #b39320 rgb(179,147,32)
Granny Smith #90a2a2 rgb(144,162,162)
Milano Red #b10404 rgb(177,4,4)
Cutty Sark #526b66 rgb(82,107,102)
Regent St Blue #94c9e1 rgb(148,201,225)
Kumera #8c6c2b rgb(140,108,43)
Indian Khaki #bcac90 rgb(188,172,144)
Raw Umber #69510f rgb(105,81,15)
Lotus #7c3c4c rgb(124,60,76)
Totem Pole #a61507 rgb(166,21,7)
Muesli #a47f55 rgb(164,127,85)
Clover #435a18 rgb(67,90,24)
Clay Creek #7f8158 rgb(127,129,88)
Eunry #d5a39f rgb(213,163,159)
Contessa #c1726a rgb(193,114,106)
Martini #b4a4a0 rgb(180,164,160)
Metallic Copper #74341c rgb(116,52,28)
Treehouse #34241e rgb(52,36,30)
Tussock #ce934f rgb(206,147,79)
Old Gold #d2b749 rgb(210,183,73)
Russett #7d625b rgb(125,98,91)
Paarl #97592c rgb(151,89,44)
Cocoa Brown #2e241f rgb(46,36,31)
Sapling #e1c9a8 rgb(225,201,168)
Old Gold #d6a43e rgb(214,164,62)
Dusty Gray #a48c94 rgb(164,140,148)
Falu Red #791e16 rgb(121,30,22)
Tobacco Brown #765a42 rgb(118,90,66)
Raffia #e9d2b9 rgb(233,210,185)
Tumbleweed #dc9c7c rgb(220,156,124)
Gray #8c8c8c rgb(140,140,140)
Quincy #643a2b rgb(100,58,43)
Fuscous Gray #444440 rgb(68,68,64)
Akaroa #d2bc9e rgb(210,188,158)
Di Serria #d7a758 rgb(215,167,88)
Shingle Fawn #6c5035 rgb(108,80,53)
Tamarind #3a1e17 rgb(58,30,23)
Fern Green #436f40 rgb(67,111,64)
Tan #d5b094 rgb(213,176,148)
Twine #c29954 rgb(194,153,84)
Pablo #736b5f rgb(115,107,95)
Paarl #b4492e rgb(180,73,46)
English Walnut #463128 rgb(70,49,40)
Akaroa #d5c9a6 rgb(213,201,166)

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