Restaurant: a Fully Featured Restaurant Website Template Restaurant: a Fully Featured Restaurant Website Template Restaurant: a Fully Featured Restaurant Website Template Restaurant: a Fully Featured Restaurant Website Template Restaurant: a Fully Featured Restaurant Website Template

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Sometimes, there is no need to overcomplicate when it comes to item names and be as to the point as possible. In the case of Restaurant, you instantly know that it is the best free food and restaurant website template. It is mobile-ready, optimized for speed, in compliance with web browsers and SEO ready.

While the technical part of the template is of the highest standards, the web design should be at the equal level, too, right? Indeed, that is exactly what you are treated to when you pick Restaurant template to build a restaurant, chef, catering or any other food-first website with. When checking out dishes and menus, you offer, suddenly, everyone’s mouth waters. Of course, they will want to book a table in a snap and feed their craving bellies.

The color palette of this template is composed by 53 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Whiskey #d39d6b rgb(211,157,107)
Chelsea Cucumber #839f50 rgb(131,159,80)
Tamarillo #971611 rgb(151,22,17)
Beaver #886353 rgb(136,99,83)
Yuma #d0c28d rgb(208,194,141)
Pesto #8a7534 rgb(138,117,52)
Shady Lady #a09e9f rgb(160,158,159)
Citron #99a926 rgb(153,169,38)
Abbey #4f4f55 rgb(79,79,85)
Equator #e5b667 rgb(229,182,103)
Old Copper #7d4e30 rgb(125,78,48)
Natural Gray #8c8680 rgb(140,134,128)
Pesto #777836 rgb(119,120,54)
Fern Green #507e36 rgb(80,126,54)
Gold Sand #e3bf84 rgb(227,191,132)
Desert #b06a20 rgb(176,106,32)
Regent Gray #94a0a4 rgb(148,160,164)
Clinker #3c1509 rgb(60,21,9)
Quincy #5d462e rgb(93,70,46)
Driftwood #ab9643 rgb(171,150,67)
Spicy Mix #8b6243 rgb(139,98,67)
Brown Derby #4c2015 rgb(76,32,21)
Tuatara #3b3a39 rgb(59,58,57)
Cinnabar #e83e39 rgb(232,62,57)
Pesto #6f722d rgb(111,114,45)
Malta #c0aa9a rgb(192,170,154)
Yukon Gold #5c6c04 rgb(92,108,4)
Hemlock #4e5536 rgb(78,85,54)
Porsche #ebac5c rgb(235,172,92)
Hot Toddy #b8870d rgb(184,135,13)
Gunsmoke #8c908e rgb(140,144,142)
Pickled Bean #67431f rgb(103,67,31)
Zeus #2e2720 rgb(46,39,32)
Confetti #eada62 rgb(234,218,98)
Eunry #cca28e rgb(204,162,142)
Lemon Grass #9b9d99 rgb(155,157,153)
Spicy Mix #925f46 rgb(146,95,70)
Ship Gray #38353a rgb(56,53,58)
Antique Brass #cc8e6c rgb(204,142,108)
Mandy #e24e4a rgb(226,78,74)
Gray Chateau #a7afb4 rgb(167,175,180)
Crown of Thorns #6f2624 rgb(111,38,36)
William #3c5e6f rgb(60,94,111)
Cape Palliser #966248 rgb(150,98,72)
Delta #a3a5a1 rgb(163,165,161)
Graphite #230e07 rgb(35,14,7)
Tuna #343339 rgb(52,51,57)
Tan #d3a690 rgb(211,166,144)
Punch #dd3d3d rgb(221,61,61)
Corduroy #666966 rgb(102,105,102)
Cherrywood #6e1817 rgb(110,24,23)
William #395d75 rgb(57,93,117)
Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown #c25c61 rgb(194,92,97)

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