Caviar: a Very Appetizing Free Restaurant and Food Website Template Caviar: a Very Appetizing Free Restaurant and Food Website Template Caviar: a Very Appetizing Free Restaurant and Food Website Template Caviar: a Very Appetizing Free Restaurant and Food Website Template

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Caviar is a very appetizing free restaurant and food website template. It has many elements of a premium tool just that you get it all at no cost. The whole concept is relatively straightforward: download the template and start editing it to meet your needs to the T straight away. With the clean and minimal look, your restaurant, catering or any other food business website will water everyone’s mouth in an instant.

Due to Caviar’s unique slideshow, those first moments of your website’s load are one to remember. Moreover, outstanding and filterable food menu page will make guests rush using the reservation form. One extra feature of Caviar free restaurant and food template is the date and time picker which is integrated into the form. Help them book a table even quicker.

The color palette of this template is composed by 42 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Sycamore #917936 rgb(145,121,54)
Arrowtown #94866d rgb(148,134,109)
Rhino #25384f rgb(37,56,79)
Pine Cone #6b6156 rgb(107,97,86)
Torch Red #f41c1c rgb(244,28,28)
Siam #5a5f57 rgb(90,95,87)
Green Pea #246434 rgb(36,100,52)
Woodsmoke #0e1012 rgb(14,16,18)
Eunry #d2a79f rgb(210,167,159)
Apple Blossom #a74746 rgb(167,71,70)
Corduroy #656b67 rgb(101,107,103)
Buccaneer #5d2727 rgb(93,39,39)
Woodsmoke #0d0f11 rgb(13,15,17)
Ecru White #f4f1e2 rgb(244,241,226)
Paarl #aa4428 rgb(170,68,40)
Sandal #a5846d rgb(165,132,109)
Espresso #6b2a19 rgb(107,42,25)
Outer Space #1b1f1e rgb(27,31,30)
Petite Orchid #d9a092 rgb(217,160,146)
Sepia Skin #995740 rgb(153,87,64)
Sandal #a98469 rgb(169,132,105)
Costa Del Sol #645c28 rgb(100,92,40)
Outer Space #1d2220 rgb(29,34,32)
Cameo #d7a694 rgb(215,166,148)
Twine #bc9557 rgb(188,149,87)
Quicksand #be948e rgb(190,148,142)
Sepia #694614 rgb(105,70,20)
Tuatara #232322 rgb(35,35,34)
Laser #ccb46c rgb(204,180,108)
Gray Chateau #a4acb4 rgb(164,172,180)
Dark Burgundy #7e0606 rgb(126,6,6)
Scorpion #5b595a rgb(91,89,90)
Potters Clay #955933 rgb(149,89,51)
Husk #b39b4f rgb(179,155,79)
Olive Drab #689b30 rgb(104,155,48)
Mine Shaft #252525 rgb(37,37,37)
Eunry #cca795 rgb(204,167,149)
Red #ed0b0c rgb(237,11,12)
Mobster #7a727d rgb(122,114,125)
Cerulean Blue #2c63b9 rgb(44,99,185)
Don Juan #5a4e51 rgb(90,78,81)
Ecru White #f2f1e2 rgb(242,241,226)

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