Risotto: a Free Restaurant Website Template Risotto: a Free Restaurant Website Template Risotto: a Free Restaurant Website Template Risotto: a Free Restaurant Website Template

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Risotto is a free fullscreen restaurant website template with a beautiful and functional menu design. It comes as a one page option but can be further extended in a way you want.

Risotto is among the coolest restaurant website templates and to be able to download it for free it something out of this world.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Sandy brown #ed9855 rgb(237,152,85)
Dove Gray #6e6b6a rgb(110,107,106)
Pickled Bean #663d20 rgb(102,61,32)
Mine Shaft #3e3a3a rgb(62,58,58)
Brandy #e1c3a4 rgb(225,195,164)
Sepia Skin #9d6237 rgb(157,98,55)
San Juan #36546c rgb(54,84,108)
Russet #85421c rgb(133,66,28)
Abbey #4c4c54 rgb(76,76,84)
Sorrell Brown #c5a47c rgb(197,164,124)
Raw Sienna #cf8f4a rgb(207,143,74)
Gray Chateau #9ba4aa rgb(155,164,170)
Potters Clay #915c36 rgb(145,92,54)
Fiord #3e546d rgb(62,84,109)
Tan #c89a80 rgb(200,154,128)
Tango #f0781c rgb(240,120,28)
Hurricane #948c8c rgb(148,140,140)
Ebony #060c14 rgb(6,12,20)
Cape Cod #424443 rgb(66,68,67)
Rajah #f4ac7c rgb(244,172,124)
Chilean Fire #f16a06 rgb(241,106,6)
Silver Chalice #a3a2a2 rgb(163,162,162)
Bronze Olive #4d330d rgb(77,51,13)
Masala #4c4947 rgb(76,73,71)
Raw Sienna #d18048 rgb(209,128,72)
Tuscany #c46d2d rgb(196,109,45)
Dusty Gray #a39696 rgb(163,150,150)
Metallic Bronze #4e2c1c rgb(78,44,28)
Tobacco Brown #725241 rgb(114,82,65)
Muddy Waters #ba9068 rgb(186,144,104)
Gull Gray #a4b4bc rgb(164,180,188)
San Juan #345772 rgb(52,87,114)
Cactus #5e7455 rgb(94,116,85)
Sorrell Brown #d0ac94 rgb(208,172,148)
Twine #c39d74 rgb(195,157,116)
Spicy Mix #76513f rgb(118,81,63)
Brown Derby #4c2716 rgb(76,39,22)
Tuatara #2c2c2b rgb(44,44,43)
Bone #e5d9c6 rgb(229,217,198)
Tango #eb6412 rgb(235,100,18)
San Juan #355369 rgb(53,83,105)
Blue Dianne #213c4c rgb(33,60,76)
Axolotl #4d6b43 rgb(77,107,67)
Raw Sienna #d98a4f rgb(217,138,79)

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