Listing: a Professional Looking Yet Free Directory Website Template Listing: a Professional Looking Yet Free Directory Website Template Listing: a Professional Looking Yet Free Directory Website Template Listing: a Professional Looking Yet Free Directory Website Template

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Listing is a professional looking yet free directory website template. It is well suited to be used to any industry and niche such as travel, hotels, flights, business, restaurants and beyond. Listing is by far the most popular free directory website template ever released as it rivals most premium offerings.

The color palette of this template is composed by 40 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Radical Red #fa3b6c rgb(250,59,108)
Gunsmoke #828484 rgb(130,132,132)
Tamarind #341719 rgb(52,23,25)
Gondola #1f1317 rgb(31,19,23)
Froly #f1678c rgb(241,103,140)
Steel Blue #4d89b1 rgb(77,137,177)
Santas Gray #a4a4ac rgb(164,164,172)
Blue Dianne #1f3747 rgb(31,55,71)
Dove Gray #6a6a6a rgb(106,106,106)
Cranberry #dc4d77 rgb(220,77,119)
Abbey #4c5051 rgb(76,80,81)
Asphalt #170b09 rgb(23,11,9)
Storm Dust #666765 rgb(102,103,101)
Apple #54b42c rgb(84,180,44)
Spicy Mix #895d42 rgb(137,93,66)
Dell #446c1c rgb(68,108,28)
Shark #252c32 rgb(37,44,50)
Wild Watermelon #fc4c6e rgb(252,76,110)
Mandy #df5060 rgb(223,80,96)
Regent Gray #959ea4 rgb(149,158,164)
Hawaiian Tan #a04418 rgb(160,68,24)
Shark #242b31 rgb(36,43,49)
Pavlova #dbc899 rgb(219,200,153)
Corduroy #646c6c rgb(100,108,108)
Mid Gray #5c5c64 rgb(92,92,100)
Blossom #dfb6c0 rgb(223,182,192)
Violet Red #f84a76 rgb(248,74,118)
Santas Gray #a3a3ab rgb(163,163,171)
Paprika #7f0423 rgb(127,4,35)
Tickle Me Pink #fc7ca4 rgb(252,124,164)
Tapestry #bb5c7b rgb(187,92,123)
Oslo Gray #8f9295 rgb(143,146,149)
Camelot #8c3c54 rgb(140,60,84)
Abbey #56595c rgb(86,89,92)
Shocking #e394ad rgb(227,148,173)
Radical Red #f93c6d rgb(249,60,109)
Oslo Gray #8c8f93 rgb(140,143,147)
Azure #3562b0 rgb(53,98,176)
Shuttle Gray #576475 rgb(87,100,117)
Kobi #e79bb2 rgb(231,155,178)

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