Crose: a Clean, Light and Divine Bootstrap Church Website Template Crose: a Clean, Light and Divine Bootstrap Church Website Template Crose: a Clean, Light and Divine Bootstrap Church Website Template Crose: a Clean, Light and Divine Bootstrap Church Website Template

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Crose is a clean, light and divine free Bootstrap church website template for crafting the neatest and tidiest websites for churches, ministries and abbeys. The fantastic site skin has you equipped with a modern web design that everyone will love visiting for fresh content regularly. With a website, not only can you create an ideal presentation of what you do, but you can also spread God’s Word to a global audience. Moreover, if anyone missed your sermons, you can feature them on your page for them to listen whenever they want.

Some of the excellent features of Crose are mega-menu, sticky navbar, as well as different internal pages for events, blog and contact. The template also follows all the latest technologies for a guaranteed amazing site performance and satisfied visitors.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Flush Mahogany #c63233 rgb(198,50,51)
Scorpion #666263 rgb(102,98,99)
Espresso #621c1c rgb(98,28,28)
Thunder #2c2324 rgb(44,35,36)
Contessa #c97272 rgb(201,114,114)
Flush Mahogany #c83636 rgb(200,54,54)
Pale Sky #6c7880 rgb(108,120,128)
Coffee Bean #20100c rgb(32,16,12)
Tobacco Brown #695245 rgb(105,82,69)
Chestnut Rose #d46c6c rgb(212,108,108)
Persian Red #ca3132 rgb(202,49,50)
Roman Coffee #755545 rgb(117,85,69)
Sambuca #33160d rgb(51,22,13)
Judge Gray #554036 rgb(85,64,54)
Black Squeeze #e9f5f6 rgb(233,245,246)
Zorba #9b918f rgb(155,145,143)
Asphalt #1d080c rgb(29,8,12)
Kelp #40413b rgb(64,65,59)
Persian Red #c73232 rgb(199,50,50)
Natural Gray #8d8c8a rgb(141,140,138)
Cocoa Bean #3f181c rgb(63,24,28)
Roman Coffee #75584d rgb(117,88,77)
Raw Sienna #db854a rgb(219,133,74)
Twine #c4a064 rgb(196,160,100)
Santas Gray #a4a4b4 rgb(164,164,180)
Piper #c14624 rgb(193,70,36)
Leather #93674f rgb(147,103,79)
Japonica #d47c6c rgb(212,124,108)
Chestnut Rose #cc6464 rgb(204,100,100)
Pharlap #a88084 rgb(168,128,132)
Crown of Thorns #7c2020 rgb(124,32,32)
Crater Brown #462627 rgb(70,38,39)
Eunry #d4a0a0 rgb(212,160,160)
My Pink #d39586 rgb(211,149,134)
Hemp #8d7671 rgb(141,118,113)
Tamarind #381b17 rgb(56,27,23)
Fedora #6f6a6e rgb(111,106,110)
Antique Brass #c7875b rgb(199,135,91)
Persian Red #cb3233 rgb(203,50,51)
Russett #795a59 rgb(121,90,89)
Sanguine Brown #9d3e40 rgb(157,62,64)
Emperor #504f4f rgb(80,79,79)
Tacao #f0a084 rgb(240,160,132)

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