Wisdom: a Modern and Unique Free Church Website Template Wisdom: a Modern and Unique Free Church Website Template Wisdom: a Modern and Unique Free Church Website Template Wisdom: a Modern and Unique Free Church Website Template

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Wisdom is a remarkable, modern and unique free church website template to spread God’s Word in style and fashion. It is a responsive, mobile-ready and cross-browser tool that follows all the latest tech trends and web regulations. With Wisdom, you are safe and secure that your internet presence will always work smoothly regardless of where they come from. You have it all available at your fingertips, ready to utilize the included features and assets for your convenience.

With a video background, text and call-to-action button, you can amaze and impress everyone that visits your church page. Moreover, encourage them to take action with the countdown timer and get them to join your forthcoming event. Special sermons page allows everyone to listen and to watch all your content that they happened to miss. Get your web space sorted out with Wisdom and influence a broader audience.

The color palette of this template is composed by 42 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Carnation #f35358 rgb(243,83,88)
Smalt Blue #4a818c rgb(74,129,140)
Casal #2a5863 rgb(42,88,99)
Kashmir Blue #51668c rgb(81,102,140)
Froly #f27878 rgb(242,120,120)
Calypso #2c6b92 rgb(44,107,146)
Donkey Brown #a48774 rgb(164,135,116)
Elephant #143448 rgb(20,52,72)
Taupe #4b3d38 rgb(75,61,56)
Cornflower #8ab8dd rgb(138,184,221)
Viking #67acdc rgb(103,172,220)
Cement #826659 rgb(130,102,89)
Matisse #18648f rgb(24,100,143)
Masala #493c39 rgb(73,60,57)
Morning Glory #8cb9dd rgb(140,185,221)
Gray #8c8c8c rgb(140,140,140)
Scorpion #565656 rgb(86,86,86)
Mandys Pink #f4b4b7 rgb(244,180,183)
Sunglo #de646f rgb(222,100,111)
Gray #939393 rgb(147,147,147)
Cherrywood #6d171f rgb(109,23,31)
Cod Gray #090909 rgb(9,9,9)
Sea Pink #ec8a8f rgb(236,138,143)
Niagara #079c94 rgb(7,156,148)
Silver Chalice #a4a4a4 rgb(164,164,164)
Niagara #07b694 rgb(7,182,148)
Tundora #444444 rgb(68,68,68)
Glacier #84b4c4 rgb(132,180,196)
San Marino #4c5db2 rgb(76,93,178)
Waterloo #7c8494 rgb(124,132,148)
Cloud Burst #242c54 rgb(36,44,84)
Shuttle Gray #666c79 rgb(102,108,121)
Blue Chill #0b7893 rgb(11,120,147)
Horizon #5f8aa4 rgb(95,138,164)
Ultramarine #0b228b rgb(11,34,139)
Cod Gray #101010 rgb(16,16,16)
Black Squeeze #eff9f9 rgb(239,249,249)
Cerulean Blue #2e55d0 rgb(46,85,208)
Waterloo #767b93 rgb(118,123,147)
Blue Zodiac #0b1431 rgb(11,20,49)
Mid Gray #6c6a72 rgb(108,106,114)
Periwinkle Gray #c7cfe6 rgb(199,207,230)

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