Giving: a Free Non-profit Website Template Giving: a Free Non-profit Website Template Giving: a Free Non-profit Website Template Giving: a Free Non-profit Website Template

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Professional, tidy and neatly crafted free non-profit website template, Giving, is here to take care of your organization. Save yourself time, effort and money and have a page set up in full with the help from Giving site canvas. With the enticing home design and stunning internal sections, you can spread the awareness and attract many more folks willing to support the cause.

Some of the key features of Giving are Bootstrap, parallax effect, sticky navigation, full-screen banner, testimonials, blog and a functional contact form with Google Maps. It is now or never to finally pursue your passion, start something new and help people all around the world with the amazing work that you do. Get supporters and scale your NGO to the Moon.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Calypso #2e637c rgb(46,99,124)
Delta #a4a5a2 rgb(164,165,162)
Calypso #336c83 rgb(51,108,131)
Mondo #4c352d rgb(76,53,45)
Chateau Green #3eac5c rgb(62,172,92)
Mongoose #b79a84 rgb(183,154,132)
Old Copper #7d5130 rgb(125,81,48)
Shadow #8d7a55 rgb(141,122,85)
De York #7ac58d rgb(122,197,141)
Spicy Mix #8b6441 rgb(139,100,65)
De York #87be8e rgb(135,190,142)
Nutmeg #7b492b rgb(123,73,43)
Cocoa Brown #1f1a19 rgb(31,26,25)
Vista Blue #98d4b7 rgb(152,212,183)
Potters Clay #885c3a rgb(136,92,58)
Muesli #a87f62 rgb(168,127,98)
Fern Frond #547424 rgb(84,116,36)
Fiord #3d4562 rgb(61,69,98)
Indigo #6474cc rgb(100,116,204)
Santa Fe #a6744e rgb(166,116,78)
Regent Gray #7f879b rgb(127,135,155)
Irish Coffee #603d22 rgb(96,61,34)
Dune #2a2423 rgb(42,36,35)
Copperfield #d48c5d rgb(212,140,93)
Silver Tree #6cba9c rgb(108,186,156)
Summer Green #a1c0ae rgb(161,192,174)
Sea Green #349646 rgb(52,150,70)
Scorpion #5e5c5c rgb(94,92,92)
De York #7ac2a5 rgb(122,194,165)
Sea Green #2d9a42 rgb(45,154,66)
Flint #716f61 rgb(113,111,97)
Sea Green #2e9953 rgb(46,153,83)
Log Cabin #1c1c17 rgb(28,28,23)
Mulberry #c55b7a rgb(197,91,122)
Downy #74ccac rgb(116,204,172)
Silver Chalice #aca4a4 rgb(172,164,164)
Old Copper #7c4c34 rgb(124,76,52)
Mine Shaft #3c3c3c rgb(60,60,60)
Tan #d4b494 rgb(212,180,148)
Monte Carlo #7ec9ac rgb(126,201,172)
Schooner #84817f rgb(132,129,127)
Brown Rust #ac5634 rgb(172,86,52)
Chicago #615d5b rgb(97,93,91)
Turquoise Blue #5fbfe8 rgb(95,191,232)

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