The Charity: a Non-profit Organization Website Template The Charity: a Non-profit Organization Website Template The Charity: a Non-profit Organization Website Template The Charity: a Non-profit Organization Website Template

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If you plan on starting a non-profit organization, market yourself properly with The Charity free HTML website template. It is a modern, clean, easy to use and highly adaptive tool for building a fundraising page quickly and effortlessly. With the professional home page and all other inner sections predesigned and ready to utilize, you are short moments away from realizing your project. Get things going today, The Charity is just a click away.

Spread the word out, get your organization known and start something big that will be of value to the entire world. The Charity has Donate Now buttons placed across the entire web design for an increased potential of raising even more funds. Create a photo gallery, start a blog, allow them to get in touch with you using the included working contact form and capture their emails with the newsletter subscription – go all in with The Charity.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Vermilion #fb4605 rgb(251,70,5)
Dorado #6f615f rgb(111,97,95)
Copper Canyon #7f3415 rgb(127,52,21)
Tundora #3f3e3f rgb(63,62,63)
Tan #d2a894 rgb(210,168,148)
Vermilion #fa4c08 rgb(250,76,8)
Silver Chalice #a4a4a4 rgb(164,164,164)
Kenyan Copper #812602 rgb(129,38,2)
Pine Cone #645149 rgb(100,81,73)
Jaffa #f47c54 rgb(244,124,84)
Vermilion #fb4804 rgb(251,72,4)
Oslo Gray #8e9193 rgb(142,145,147)
Aztec #04080a rgb(4,8,10)
Russett #775f55 rgb(119,95,85)
Apricot #e5935d rgb(229,147,93)
Matisse #187189 rgb(24,113,137)
Lemon Grass #91948b rgb(145,148,139)
Java #1aa8c6 rgb(26,168,198)
Mondo #4e382f rgb(78,56,47)
Crusta #f76c32 rgb(247,108,50)
Java #1fbdd9 rgb(31,189,217)
Lemon Grass #969892 rgb(150,152,146)
Blumine #1a5472 rgb(26,84,114)
Cocoa Brown #302420 rgb(48,36,32)
Di Serria #dfa65e rgb(223,166,94)
Red Damask #d96c34 rgb(217,108,52)
Muesli #ac7c64 rgb(172,124,100)
Sepia Skin #985944 rgb(152,89,68)
Thunder #363236 rgb(54,50,54)
Cameo #e0bdac rgb(224,189,172)
Orange Roughy #cf5017 rgb(207,80,23)
Mocha #793119 rgb(121,49,25)
Fuscous Gray #54544c rgb(84,84,76)
Amethyst #a85cc0 rgb(168,92,192)
Pomegranate #f4540c rgb(244,84,12)
Brandy Rose #bb8c85 rgb(187,140,133)
Jelly Bean #276dae rgb(39,109,174)
Baltic Sea #232224 rgb(35,34,36)
Tan #d5ac94 rgb(213,172,148)
Flame Pea #db6a2d rgb(219,106,45)
Tapa #767572 rgb(118,117,114)
Dark Tan #6d1e0b rgb(109,30,11)
Cod Gray #141313 rgb(20,19,19)
Koromiko #fcb460 rgb(252,180,96)

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