Level: A Travel/Hotel Booking Website Template Level: A Travel/Hotel Booking Website Template Level: A Travel/Hotel Booking Website Template

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The Level template includes a HTML form for hotel or travel, a form to fill the data and a contact form. Form Check-in / Check-out uses a date picker. You can modify this layout to fit your website requirements.

The color palette of this template is composed by 32 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Mandy #ec4c54 rgb(236,76,84)
Rolling Stone #7e8287 rgb(126,130,135)
Dark Tan #770c12 rgb(119,12,18)
Oxford Blue #2c3a44 rgb(44,58,68)
Can Can #dc9da1 rgb(220,157,161)
Mandy #ea6168 rgb(234,97,104)
Cement #84725d rgb(132,114,93)
Dark Tan #750f14 rgb(117,15,20)
Kabul #544a3d rgb(84,74,61)
Rose Fog #e0a8ab rgb(224,168,171)
Mandy #e95058 rgb(233,80,88)
Hit Gray #9aacb0 rgb(154,172,176)
Kumera #826619 rgb(130,102,25)
Rangitoto #323025 rgb(50,48,37)
Shakespeare #57acc9 rgb(87,172,201)
Slate Gray #6c8494 rgb(108,132,148)
Dove Gray #6a6969 rgb(106,105,105)
Mandy #ea5c66 rgb(234,92,102)
Mandy #e6525a rgb(230,82,90)
Dusty Gray #999697 rgb(153,150,151)
Cork #422a1e rgb(66,42,30)
Dorado #5a524f rgb(90,82,79)
Akaroa #d4bda1 rgb(212,189,161)
Mandy #ec4c57 rgb(236,76,87)
Storm Dust #646463 rgb(100,100,99)
Big Stone #1c3444 rgb(28,52,68)
Abbey #5b5d5f rgb(91,93,95)
Tonys Pink #e8888c rgb(232,136,140)
Mandy #ea4f57 rgb(234,79,87)
Scorpion #5a5a5a rgb(90,90,90)
Dove Gray #646464 rgb(100,100,100)
Tonys Pink #e69b9b rgb(230,155,155)

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