Faith 2: a Free Religious Website Template Faith 2: a Free Religious Website Template Faith 2: a Free Religious Website Template Faith 2: a Free Religious Website Template

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Faith 2 is our second and upgraded version of the original free religious website template. You are treated to a different look which surely will spark everyone’s interest. Make your church’s online appearance professional and enticing and spread God’s Word among many more people. Let it become a web destination where everyone would love to return to, listen to your sermons and learn when the upcoming Worship takes place.

With a contemporary and responsive template like Faith 2, you can quickly sort out a website and start something fresh. Promote your next big event and even skyrocket awareness for a cause and collect donations. A whole new horizon of possibilities opens up in front of you when you unlock access to Faith 2. By the way, it is free and just a click away.

The color palette of this template is composed by 42 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Copper #c78637 rgb(199,134,55)
Dove Gray #686361 rgb(104,99,97)
Punga #563a18 rgb(86,58,24)
Cape Cod #444e4e rgb(68,78,78)
Jaffa #e88c48 rgb(232,140,72)
Sandrift #af917c rgb(175,145,124)
Pickled Bean #744424 rgb(116,68,36)
Zeus #2c231d rgb(44,35,29)
Bright Sun #fcd43c rgb(252,212,60)
Sea Buckthorn #f99e37 rgb(249,158,55)
Zorba #9c9390 rgb(156,147,144)
Black Marlin #3a281b rgb(58,40,27)
Zeus #1a1815 rgb(26,24,21)
Raw Sienna #d6704c rgb(214,112,76)
Fuchsia Blue #8c48c4 rgb(140,72,196)
Regent Gray #84949c rgb(132,148,156)
Eternity #1e160b rgb(30,22,11)
Abbey #565e60 rgb(86,94,96)
Driftwood #b3904b rgb(179,144,75)
Donkey Brown #a78d7a rgb(167,141,122)
Metallic Bronze #4e3f21 rgb(78,63,33)
Limed Spruce #32494f rgb(50,73,79)
Cameo #dec1ae rgb(222,193,174)
East Side #c078c8 rgb(192,120,200)
Quicksand #bca494 rgb(188,164,148)
Bossanova #58265e rgb(88,38,94)
Chicago #5e5a54 rgb(94,90,84)
Link Water #f4f8fc rgb(244,248,252)
Apple #40b430 rgb(64,180,48)
Corduroy #5c6464 rgb(92,100,100)
Night Rider #140c09 rgb(20,12,9)
Thunder #383638 rgb(56,54,56)
Driftwood #b27f4c rgb(178,127,76)
Chicago #62605a rgb(98,96,90)
Black Marlin #382818 rgb(56,40,24)
Shark #1a1a1b rgb(26,26,27)
Link Water #f2f3fc rgb(242,243,252)
Antique Brass #c49474 rgb(196,148,116)
Chicago #605b56 rgb(96,91,86)
Ebony #090b14 rgb(9,11,20)
Cod Gray #141110 rgb(20,17,16)
Bizarre #ebdcd0 rgb(235,220,208)

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