Faith: a free HTML Religious Website Template Faith: a free HTML Religious Website Template Faith: a free HTML Religious Website Template Faith: a free HTML Religious Website Template

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For organizations, churches and groups, Faith is the free HTML religious website template that takes all the hard work away from creating the ideal web presence. It is beautiful and it is modern with a delightful selection of colors and fonts to make your page to stand out from the crowd. Now is your chance to expand your reach and spread the faith with the whole wide world.

Faith has a ton of cool features like countdown timer, sermons, events section and also comes entirely ready to start a religious blog. Give back to people and show the world how unique you are. They will notice it and they will come to your next event full of joy and happiness. Start the astonishing and never-ending journey today and broaden your horizons.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Bright Turquoise #0ecae7 rgb(14,202,231)
Manatee #8a8994 rgb(138,137,148)
Elm #1c6c81 rgb(28,108,129)
Charade #2c2838 rgb(44,40,56)
Turquoise Blue #5cd7e4 rgb(92,215,228)
Husk #bc9c50 rgb(188,156,80)
Boulder #7c7c7c rgb(124,124,124)
Old Copper #6c4c2c rgb(108,76,44)
Lisbon Brown #443c24 rgb(68,60,36)
Tan #ccb47c rgb(204,180,124)
Husk #bba264 rgb(187,162,100)
Dawn #a8a399 rgb(168,163,153)
Metallic Bronze #4b341d rgb(75,52,29)
Millbrook #554831 rgb(85,72,49)
Pavlova #d8ca9f rgb(216,202,159)
Bright Turquoise #08ccea rgb(8,204,234)
Edward #9ca4a4 rgb(156,164,164)
Black Pearl #050d1d rgb(5,13,29)
San Juan #294a59 rgb(41,74,89)
Picton Blue #35d0e4 rgb(53,208,228)
Pelorous #31a4be rgb(49,164,190)
Santas Gray #9f9fa5 rgb(159,159,165)
Black Pearl #040b1b rgb(4,11,27)
Nevada #6a7076 rgb(106,112,118)
Spray #62e0ee rgb(98,224,238)
Java #18c6e6 rgb(24,198,230)
Dusty Gray #949494 rgb(148,148,148)
Ebony #0c1421 rgb(12,20,33)
Mid Gray #6c6d74 rgb(108,109,116)
Turquoise Blue #5cd4e4 rgb(92,212,228)
Bright Turquoise #08c8e4 rgb(8,200,228)
Scarpa Flow #5c5b65 rgb(92,91,101)
Black Pearl #040c1c rgb(4,12,28)
Charade #2c2837 rgb(44,40,55)
Di Serria #d2a056 rgb(210,160,86)
Downy #72c1cb rgb(114,193,203)
Dawn #a5a3a1 rgb(165,163,161)
Black Pearl #040b19 rgb(4,11,25)
Charade #2c2b3d rgb(44,43,61)
Blizzard Blue #b1ecef rgb(177,236,239)
Straw #d6b580 rgb(214,181,128)
Mid Gray #5b5e6d rgb(91,94,109)
Ebony Clay #2f3246 rgb(47,50,70)
Lavender #ad8cdc rgb(173,140,220)

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