Mimosan: a Neat and Heavenly Free HTML Church Website Template Mimosan: a Neat and Heavenly Free HTML Church Website Template Mimosan: a Neat and Heavenly Free HTML Church Website Template Mimosan: a Neat and Heavenly Free HTML Church Website Template

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Mimosan is a neat and heavenly free HTML church website template based on Bootstrap and powered by modern technologies. It provides you all the necessary to build not only pages for churches but non-profits and charities, too. What this also tells you is that Mimosan is a versatile template, easy to customize and quick to adapt to your needs.

You will find all sorts of excellent features like countdown timer, sticky navigation, donate buttons and functional contact form. Special pages for about, sermons and events are also included in the Mimosan kit for your convenience. To give back even more, start writing a blog and announce all the big news through your church blog and spread the God’s Word further. All this and more is what you can accomplish with Mimosan swiftly.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Milano Red #b10b0b rgb(177,11,11)
Cloudy #afa9a5 rgb(175,169,165)
West Coast #6e4f1c rgb(110,79,28)
Pickled Bluewood #37455d rgb(55,69,93)
Contessa #bc6c6c rgb(188,108,108)
Cerulean #08a8cc rgb(8,168,204)
Natural Gray #92908c rgb(146,144,140)
Thunderbird #b41c1e rgb(180,28,30)
Cod Gray #141013 rgb(20,16,19)
Shakespeare #49b2d7 rgb(73,178,215)
Prairie Sand #9e381f rgb(158,56,31)
Nepal #8aaebf rgb(138,174,191)
Cerulean #0ba9d0 rgb(11,169,208)
Cod Gray #151214 rgb(21,18,20)
Tussock #cd965b rgb(205,150,91)
Anzac #e4c944 rgb(228,201,68)
Dusty Gray #a08c8c rgb(160,140,140)
Luxor Gold #9a8524 rgb(154,133,36)
Saddle #493527 rgb(73,53,39)
Yuma #ccc092 rgb(204,192,146)
Mule Fawn #8c672d rgb(140,103,45)
Zorba #998e8b rgb(153,142,139)
Lemon Ginger #ad9c26 rgb(173,156,38)
Lisbon Brown #463923 rgb(70,57,35)
Aqua Island #98c9d8 rgb(152,201,216)
Tabasco #b41212 rgb(180,18,18)
Don Juan #5c4c54 rgb(92,76,84)
Cork #3e281d rgb(62,40,29)
Eggplant #5c3c44 rgb(92,60,68)
Polo Blue #90acd0 rgb(144,172,208)
Tussock #c68d38 rgb(198,141,56)
Lemon Grass #94948e rgb(148,148,142)
Crowshead #1c1408 rgb(28,20,8)
Dorado #5c514d rgb(92,81,77)
Milano Red #b20707 rgb(178,7,7)
Shadow #846549 rgb(132,101,73)
Tamarillo #941617 rgb(148,22,23)
Mid Gray #6b6c73 rgb(107,108,115)
Tumbleweed #daa985 rgb(218,169,133)
Mexican Red #ab2339 rgb(171,35,57)
Cloudy #a69c98 rgb(166,156,152)
Crown of Thorns #80202f rgb(128,32,47)
Masala #392f2d rgb(57,47,45)

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