LibChurch: a Free Church Website Template. LibChurch: a Free Church Website Template. LibChurch: a Free Church Website Template. LibChurch: a Free Church Website Template.

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You cannot go more professional than with LibChurch free church website template. It is an item for creating church and non-profit sites with lots of fantastic traits. You do not have to look elsewhere, check the live preview of LibChurch now and start downloading it straight away. You will soon find out what a powerful tool you have at your fingertips, ready to answer all your web design questions.

Some of the key features of LibChurch are countdown timer, donation buttons, social media icons and bold events section. What’s more, LibChurch also allows you to raise funds for the particular cause and start writing a blog. On top of that, benefit from the newsletter subscription, working contact form and Google Maps with a unique marker. Give back to people, help those in need and start something remarkable with LibChurch.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Valencia #dc4040 rgb(220,64,64)
Schooner #867e78 rgb(134,126,120)
Tamarind #2a1310 rgb(42,19,16)
Abbey #49494e rgb(73,73,78)
New York Pink #dc7879 rgb(220,120,121)
Punch #dc3d3d rgb(220,61,61)
Arrowtown #9b806c rgb(155,128,108)
Moccaccino #701414 rgb(112,20,20)
Outer Space #253137 rgb(37,49,55)
Tonys Pink #e69e9e rgb(230,158,158)
Teak #ba946c rgb(186,148,108)
Venus #93898c rgb(147,137,140)
Graphite #2a1909 rgb(42,25,9)
Mirage #1a292e rgb(26,41,46)
Eunry #d2b29f rgb(210,178,159)
Brandy Punch #cd7f31 rgb(205,127,49)
Zorba #a1968d rgb(161,150,141)
El Paso #150d05 rgb(21,13,5)
Tobacco Brown #6d4e3e rgb(109,78,62)
Aqua Spring #f4fcfc rgb(244,252,252)
Chestnut Rose #cc5d55 rgb(204,93,85)
Shady Lady #a09fa0 rgb(160,159,160)
Asphalt #170e08 rgb(23,14,8)
Roman Coffee #84564c rgb(132,86,76)
Sunglo #e46c6c rgb(228,108,108)
Boulder #747474 rgb(116,116,116)
Saddle #4a3423 rgb(74,52,35)
Zeus #231a15 rgb(35,26,21)
Indian Khaki #c4a484 rgb(196,164,132)
Punch #dc3c3c rgb(220,60,60)
Silver Chalice #b0aaac rgb(176,170,172)
Tamarind #3c171a rgb(60,23,26)
Mid Gray #5c5e64 rgb(92,94,100)
Tonys Pink #e48e8c rgb(228,142,140)
Old Copper #6f422c rgb(111,66,44)
Concord #82807f rgb(130,128,127)
Metallic Bronze #4f301f rgb(79,48,31)
Soya Bean #686452 rgb(104,100,82)
Tan #d0b58c rgb(208,181,140)
Apple Blossom #ab4747 rgb(171,71,71)
Peat #756d54 rgb(117,109,84)
Eclipse #3b1b1b rgb(59,27,27)
Chalet Green #52643e rgb(82,100,62)
New York Pink #df8884 rgb(223,136,132)

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