Church: a Free and Mobile-Ready Church Website Template Church: a Free and Mobile-Ready Church Website Template Church: a Free and Mobile-Ready Church Website Template Church: a Free and Mobile-Ready Church Website Template

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Church is, hence the name, one of the best free and mobile-ready church website templates currently available on the market. From redesigning your current page to building a fresh one, Church handles it all with ease. Once you see its live preview page, it will immediately persuade you and make you ready to put it to use.

With Church, you cannot only promote ministries and sermons and have them available on your page, you can also receive donations and advertise church’s causes. And when hosting a big Sunday event, take to your advantage the countdown timer and make sure no one misses it. Welcome people to your world with a full-screen slider, collect their emails with newsletter subscription box and spread God’s Word.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Cinnabar #e14242 rgb(225,66,66)
San Juan #35486a rgb(53,72,106)
Dallas #634a1f rgb(99,74,31)
Soya Bean #6a6454 rgb(106,100,84)
Red Damask #e05d4a rgb(224,93,74)
Cinnabar #ec443c rgb(236,68,60)
Mid Gray #64646c rgb(100,100,108)
Pickled Bean #6c4129 rgb(108,65,41)
Millbrook #51392e rgb(81,57,46)
Manhattan #f4cc9c rgb(244,204,156)
Shingle Fawn #714a36 rgb(113,74,54)
Martini #b2a8a7 rgb(178,168,167)
Tall Poppy #b9452c rgb(185,69,44)
Shadow #876f51 rgb(135,111,81)
Cinnabar #e94441 rgb(233,68,65)
Apple #44bc3c rgb(68,188,60)
Gray #8c8c8c rgb(140,140,140)
Cocoa Bean #4c1c20 rgb(76,28,32)
Shark #222529 rgb(34,37,41)
White Lilac #f4f3fb rgb(244,243,251)
Matrix #ae5359 rgb(174,83,89)
Dorado #665a57 rgb(102,90,87)
Heath #5b1317 rgb(91,19,23)
Shark #2e2e32 rgb(46,46,50)
White Lilac #f3f3fa rgb(243,243,250)
Brandy Punch #cc9434 rgb(204,148,52)
Pablo #746c5c rgb(116,108,92)
Rope #945422 rgb(148,84,34)
Mako #404147 rgb(64,65,71)
Cameo #dbb79c rgb(219,183,156)
Sandy brown #f4a45c rgb(244,164,92)
Boulder #747474 rgb(116,116,116)
Well Read #aa3333 rgb(170,51,51)
Dorado #665252 rgb(102,82,82)
Apricot #ea7474 rgb(234,116,116)
Cinnabar #e64444 rgb(230,68,68)
Mamba #908691 rgb(144,134,145)
Tuscany #b46828 rgb(180,104,40)
Scarpa Flow #505062 rgb(80,80,98)
Gold Sand #e7b28f rgb(231,178,143)
Cinnabar #eb4343 rgb(235,67,67)
Mid Gray #64656a rgb(100,101,106)
Cedar #3b1111 rgb(59,17,17)
Kabul #5c3f40 rgb(92,63,64)
Vista White #f7edeb rgb(247,237,235)

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