Faithful: a Faithful Free HTML Religious Website Template Faithful: a Faithful Free HTML Religious Website Template Faithful: a Faithful Free HTML Religious Website Template Faithful: a Faithful Free HTML Religious Website Template

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Spread the God’s Word and other church services you offer with Faithful free HTML religious website template. Even when it comes to churches and ministries, you need to consider running a divine online presence in this day and age. After all, you can now offer everyone who missed Sunday’s sermons to listen to them by accessing your website. On top of that, if you host a special event, a page is the best solution to market your ceremonies and get people to attend.

All starts with a full-screen banner with parallax effect. Faithful offers you to capture their attention in an instant and encourage them to stay around longer. With the integrated countdown timer, they will know exactly when the event takes place, making sure they do not miss it. Faithful guarantees that your religious website will stand out from the masses.

The color palette of this template is composed by 40 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Santa Fe #af774f rgb(175,119,79)
Fedora #666366 rgb(102,99,102)
Eternity #1f150e rgb(31,21,14)
Trout #4f5160 rgb(79,81,96)
Gold Tips #ecc614 rgb(236,198,20)
Russett #725958 rgb(114,89,88)
Yukon Gold #7a6609 rgb(122,102,9)
Taupe #443934 rgb(68,57,52)
Polo Blue #99b5db rgb(153,181,219)
Don Juan #594847 rgb(89,72,71)
Ebony #13172f rgb(19,23,47)
Au Chico #8b5751 rgb(139,87,81)
Regent St Blue #95b5dd rgb(149,181,221)
Antique Brass #cc8c74 rgb(204,140,116)
Nobel #b8a9aa rgb(184,169,170)
Irish Coffee #613423 rgb(97,52,35)
Dorado #654f4e rgb(101,79,78)
Bone #e1ccc0 rgb(225,204,192)
Chestnut Rose #d26673 rgb(210,102,115)
Sandal #a7826f rgb(167,130,111)
Mikado #342814 rgb(52,40,20)
Don Juan #5e4d4c rgb(94,77,76)
Akaroa #d9bfaf rgb(217,191,175)
Silver Chalice #acacac rgb(172,172,172)
Zinnwaldite #ecbcb4 rgb(236,188,180)
Punch #de362c rgb(222,54,44)
Dove Gray #6c6464 rgb(108,100,100)
Coffee Bean #301e10 rgb(48,30,16)
Scarpa Flow #585864 rgb(88,88,100)
Sunglo #e46c64 rgb(228,108,100)
Mojo #ca4b47 rgb(202,75,71)
Dusty Gray #949292 rgb(148,146,146)
Persian Plum #661f1d rgb(102,31,29)
Cod Gray #121111 rgb(18,17,17)
Petite Orchid #e19995 rgb(225,153,149)
Pomegranate #f03a2f rgb(240,58,47)
Ironside Gray #656361 rgb(101,99,97)
Clinker #311a07 rgb(49,26,7)
Outer Space #1f2728 rgb(31,39,40)
Radical Red #fc3c5c rgb(252,60,92)

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