Spring: a Free Religious Website Template Spring: a Free Religious Website Template Spring: a Free Religious Website Template Spring: a Free Religious Website Template

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Get yourself Spring, a free religious website template, and craft an attention-grabbing church or ministry page. It is a responsive, mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible and retina screen friendly tool that will help you spread God’s Word. Utilize all the amazingness Spring brings to the table and start your journey strong. Use the website skin out of the box or fine-tune it accordingly, either way, you will create a terrific outcome that will promote your sermons with a much wider audience.

Along with the awe-inspiring home, Spring also includes multiple internal page designs for events, ministries, blog and upcoming events. Spring also does not miss a fully functional contact form and Google Maps to save you additional time. Today is the best time to go after establishing your church website with this free religious website template and place yourself on top.

The color palette of this template is composed by 36 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Medium Carmine #b0383c rgb(176,56,60)
Regent Gray #84949b rgb(132,148,155)
Wine Berry #642022 rgb(100,32,34)
Armadillo #40403c rgb(64,64,60)
Akaroa #dcccb4 rgb(220,204,180)
Pelorous #34b0b4 rgb(52,176,180)
Sandstone #74665c rgb(116,102,92)
Elm #1d6466 rgb(29,100,102)
Cod Gray #171717 rgb(23,23,23)
Tapa #747372 rgb(116,115,114)
White Rock #eadfd0 rgb(234,223,208)
Silver Chalice #acacac rgb(172,172,172)
Jagged Ice #c4e4e8 rgb(196,228,232)
Keppel #30acb0 rgb(48,172,176)
Silver Chalice #a0a0a0 rgb(160,160,160)
Elm #1c6568 rgb(28,101,104)
Mine Shaft #383838 rgb(56,56,56)
Bone #e4d3c5 rgb(228,211,197)
Curious Blue #2d9cd1 rgb(45,156,209)
Pine Cone #66544d rgb(102,84,77)
Elephant #0b2633 rgb(11,38,51)
Fiord #405064 rgb(64,80,100)
Aqua Spring #f4fcfc rgb(244,252,252)
Gigas #4c38ac rgb(76,56,172)
Nandor #54645c rgb(84,100,92)
Valhalla #2c2064 rgb(44,32,100)
Fuscous Gray #464645 rgb(70,70,69)
Terracotta #e48d61 rgb(228,141,97)
Jumbo #88888e rgb(136,136,142)
Firefly #0a222e rgb(10,34,46)
Tobacco Brown #6c5147 rgb(108,81,71)
Sinbad #9ac4d4 rgb(154,196,212)
Brandy Punch #d68e28 rgb(214,142,40)
Tapa #74716c rgb(116,113,108)
Graphite #150e04 rgb(21,14,4)
Masala #463f3b rgb(70,63,59)

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