Advent: a Bootstrap Website Template for Churches, Ministries and Charities Advent: a Bootstrap Website Template for Churches, Ministries and Charities Advent: a Bootstrap Website Template for Churches, Ministries and Charities Advent: a Bootstrap Website Template for Churches, Ministries and Charities

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Churches and ministries, charities, too, check out our marvelous and powerful Bootstrap website template, Advent. It sports a large slideshow and a countdown timer, announcing the next big event you are hosting. Advent is a free Bootstrap church website template with an outstanding home and an assortment of handy features.

Your followers can, from no own, play sermons on your page and never miss the forthcoming worship. Advent also allows you to link all your social media accounts with your page and show the world how social you are. Create this special and super exclusive place on the world wide web where folks will love to hang out. Tell the world why you are exceptional, push ministries and, most importantly, spread God’s Word.

The color palette of this template is composed by 40 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Cumin #8e4a23 rgb(142,74,35)
Martini #b59fa1 rgb(181,159,161)
Spicy Mix #8f5b40 rgb(143,91,64)
Salt Box #6c6575 rgb(108,101,117)
Antique Brass #c07a5d rgb(192,122,93)
Star Dust #9d9d9c rgb(157,157,156)
Kumera #81681c rgb(129,104,28)
Soya Bean #5e534a rgb(94,83,74)
Sidecar #f2e4bd rgb(242,228,189)
Amber #fac20a rgb(250,194,10)
Silk #b8aca6 rgb(184,172,166)
Cannon Black #2e2107 rgb(46,33,7)
Beaver #8a6356 rgb(138,99,86)
Antique Brass #ce865e rgb(206,134,94)
Venus #988e92 rgb(152,142,146)
Tuatara #242423 rgb(36,36,35)
Buttercup #f0be1b rgb(240,190,27)
Sandstone #766a67 rgb(118,106,103)
Himalaya #6d551a rgb(109,85,26)
Black #040404 rgb(4,4,4)
Marzipan #f8e190 rgb(248,225,144)
Buttercup #f5bd0f rgb(245,189,15)
Millbrook #6c443a rgb(108,68,58)
Lisbon Brown #4c4024 rgb(76,64,36)
Tundora #484848 rgb(72,72,72)
Saffron #f4cc44 rgb(244,204,68)
Polo Blue #84a4d4 rgb(132,164,212)
Gray #8c8c8c rgb(140,140,140)
Dallas #604f24 rgb(96,79,36)
Tundora #474245 rgb(71,66,69)
Sun #f9c00d rgb(249,192,13)
Sandstone #796f6a rgb(121,111,106)
Brown Rust #a24b3a rgb(162,75,58)
Rock #4b3c39 rgb(75,60,57)
Sandwisp #f4e39c rgb(244,227,156)
Tussock #b08c3c rgb(176,140,60)
Dusty Gray #a3a0a1 rgb(163,160,161)
West Coast #694c1d rgb(105,76,29)
Masala #4a4541 rgb(74,69,65)
Cameo #dcbea3 rgb(220,190,163)

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