Inward: a Free Responsive Church Website Template Inward: a Free Responsive Church Website Template Inward: a Free Responsive Church Website Template

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To reach even more ears (and eyes) and spread the God’s word to a wider audience, it is Inward free responsive church website template what you need. With a simple and powerful website, you can do so much for the community. Let people listen to your sermons on the go straight from your page and inform them about your upcoming events.

Inward is a beautiful, brilliant and professional template for churches and ministries. On scroll content load, working contact form, testimonials, audio support, Inward consists of all the necessities. Building a cutting edge church website just became a whole lot simpler thanks to Inward. Give it a shot, check the live preview of the tool and start sharing your prayers with the folks all around the globe.

The color palette of this template is composed by 31 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Antique Brass #c48862 rgb(196,136,98)
Yellow Metal #7a5d40 rgb(122,93,64)
Creole #180a04 rgb(24,10,4)
Quincy #5b4a2c rgb(91,74,44)
Antique Brass #cc986c rgb(204,152,108)
Roman Coffee #7c6050 rgb(124,96,80)
Pickled Bean #623f22 rgb(98,63,34)
English Walnut #442b26 rgb(68,43,38)
Pigeon Post #a4bcd4 rgb(164,188,212)
Harvest Gold #dfa86e rgb(223,168,110)
Gravel #514f52 rgb(81,79,82)
Walnut #753d18 rgb(117,61,24)
Black #040404 rgb(4,4,4)
Pigeon Post #a1bdd9 rgb(161,189,217)
Pharlap #a48474 rgb(164,132,116)
Woody Brown #463434 rgb(70,52,52)
Fantasy #fcf4f4 rgb(252,244,244)
Blue Violet #5848ac rgb(88,72,172)
Xanadu #6c746c rgb(108,116,108)
Jacarta #2f275d rgb(47,39,93)
Lunar Green #3f403f rgb(63,64,63)
Whisper #f4f4fa rgb(244,244,250)
Whiskey #d79f6f rgb(215,159,111)
Star Dust #9f9e9c rgb(159,158,156)
Coffee Bean #210c0c rgb(33,12,12)
English Walnut #3c2a26 rgb(60,42,38)
Merino #f5efe2 rgb(245,239,226)
Steel Blue #477fb7 rgb(71,127,183)
Silver Chalice #a0a0a0 rgb(160,160,160)
Ebony #091017 rgb(9,16,23)
Tundora #4a494a rgb(74,73,74)

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