Christian: a Free one-page Church Website Template Christian: a Free one-page Church Website Template Christian: a Free one-page Church Website Template Christian: a Free one-page Church Website Template

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The hunt for the best free one-page church website template ends with Christian. We bring you a responsive, flexible and contemporary web design that will help you establish an excellent online presence for your local church. With its single-page layout design, you can now present all the information, sermons, events, causes and pastors beautifully and stunningly. They now do not need to jump from page to page anymore to find the message they are interested in; all is just a scroll away.

Christian features a full-screen slider, call-to-action buttons, animated statistics, on scroll content load, Google Maps and a working contact form. If you are raising awareness for a cause and collecting funds, Christian also has a special section for that. In short, Christian is a magnificent page canvas for all churches.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Ripe Lemon #eeca1d rgb(238,202,29)
Roman Coffee #7c6555 rgb(124,101,85)
Irish Coffee #643c28 rgb(100,60,40)
English Walnut #3f2d27 rgb(63,45,39)
Tacha #daca6f rgb(218,202,111)
Portica #f6e466 rgb(246,228,102)
Silver Chalice #a4a4a4 rgb(164,164,164)
Spicy Mix #7d553c rgb(125,85,60)
Flint #666258 rgb(102,98,88)
Sorrell Brown #d2b69c rgb(210,182,156)
Antique Brass #c49877 rgb(196,152,119)
Star Dust #9e9d9b rgb(158,157,155)
Ebony #0c131b rgb(12,19,27)
Spicy Mix #845541 rgb(132,85,65)
Bone #e8d8c7 rgb(232,216,199)
Buccaneer #6b3137 rgb(107,49,55)
Scorpion #655e60 rgb(101,94,96)
Cocoa Bean #59242e rgb(89,36,46)
Mirage #1d2632 rgb(29,38,50)
Whisper #f4f4fa rgb(244,244,250)
Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown #bd6453 rgb(189,100,83)
Oslo Gray #898d8e rgb(137,141,142)
Wine Berry #5b2331 rgb(91,35,49)
Mirage #1b232e rgb(27,35,46)
Tusk #f4f1ca rgb(244,241,202)
Antique Brass #c69474 rgb(198,148,116)
Nevada #676b6f rgb(103,107,111)
Quincy #66402f rgb(102,64,47)
Mako #444a4d rgb(68,74,77)
Energy Yellow #f9de4a rgb(249,222,74)
Marigold #b49424 rgb(180,148,36)
Dove Gray #646464 rgb(100,100,100)
Pesto #7c6c2c rgb(124,108,44)
Fuscous Gray #514c44 rgb(81,76,68)
Candlelight #f9d51c rgb(249,213,28)
Indian Khaki #c5a28e rgb(197,162,142)
San Juan #2f5070 rgb(47,80,112)
Congo Brown #5b3f38 rgb(91,63,56)
Polo Blue #93b0d8 rgb(147,176,216)
Earls Green #c8ac3a rgb(200,172,58)
Tapa #727170 rgb(114,113,112)
Raw Umber #6f5814 rgb(111,88,20)
Merlin #46403b rgb(70,64,59)
Chamois #eee7b7 rgb(238,231,183)

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