Honey: a Free HTML Wedding Website Template Honey: a Free HTML Wedding Website Template Honey: a Free HTML Wedding Website Template Honey: a Free HTML Wedding Website Template

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When you are looking to build a website for a soon-to-be-married couple, Honey is the free HTML wedding website template you need. That’s that, take action, download the tool and start building the must-have site today. Honey is a modern template with a minimal and light web design, smoothly working on all devices and browsers. Thanks to Bootstrap 4, Honey is flexible and extensible to meet every user’s need easily.

Besides, Honey is also straightforward to use and requires only the bare basics to turn it into a functional website. Little do you know, soon after you unbox the Honey package, you have the wedding website ready for the launch. Share it with your family and friends and use it as a twenty-first-century invitation to your nuptials. Go against the grain and make something different.

The color palette of this template is composed by 40 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Cerise #d63e82 rgb(214,62,130)
Delta #a3a4a2 rgb(163,164,162)
Camelot #893854 rgb(137,56,84)
Flint #716f6a rgb(113,111,106)
Persian Pink #f484bc rgb(244,132,188)
Potters Clay #8e593a rgb(142,89,58)
Green Smoke #a4b67c rgb(164,182,124)
Spice #69462e rgb(105,70,46)
Zeus #2d261f rgb(45,38,31)
Persian Pink #f382b0 rgb(243,130,176)
Potters Clay #935c35 rgb(147,92,53)
Swamp Green #b8b785 rgb(184,183,133)
Spice #68422e rgb(104,66,46)
Comet #50506e rgb(80,80,110)
Brilliant Rose #fa59a8 rgb(250,89,168)
Raw Sienna #cc7c50 rgb(204,124,80)
Pharlap #a58a85 rgb(165,138,133)
Mirage #182634 rgb(24,38,52)
Fedora #6c646c rgb(108,100,108)
Harvest Gold #e0b979 rgb(224,185,121)
Old Rose #bd9074 rgb(189,144,116)
Manatee #92919a rgb(146,145,154)
East Bay #3a587d rgb(58,88,125)
Kabul #6a423f rgb(106,66,63)
Cameo #ddc3a4 rgb(221,195,164)
Brilliant Rose #f250a0 rgb(242,80,160)
Rose Bud Cherry #7b0941 rgb(123,9,65)
Kobi #f0bad4 rgb(240,186,212)
Silver Chalice #b2b2b2 rgb(178,178,178)
Illusion #f4acd4 rgb(244,172,212)
Violet Red #f63190 rgb(246,49,144)
Star Dust #9c9c9b rgb(156,156,155)
Hibiscus #b42c64 rgb(180,44,100)
Empress #766e72 rgb(118,110,114)
Hopbush #ca6896 rgb(202,104,150)
Cranberry #d3498d rgb(211,73,141)
Nevada #6a6b6d rgb(106,107,109)
Claret #6a1941 rgb(106,25,65)
Shark #222225 rgb(34,34,37)
Blossom #dcaac7 rgb(220,170,199)

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