Wedding 2: a Free Responsive Wedding Website Template Wedding 2: a Free Responsive Wedding Website Template Wedding 2: a Free Responsive Wedding Website Template Wedding 2: a Free Responsive Wedding Website Template

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Start the hype for the forthcoming commitment ceremony in style with Wedding2 free responsive wedding website template. Announce the big day, introduce bride and groom and tell couple’s story. With the integrated timeline, provide more information about the wedding schedule and share a jaw-dropping photo gallery.

Wedding2 is a pretty, lovely and attention-grabbing free website template with a great attention to detail and a strong first impression. Included is also newsletter subscription, social media icons and a clean RSVP. In short, there is all and everything you need to build a modern and elegant responsive wedding website. Wedding2 makes sure you are stacked with the must-have features and feel comfortable developing a fresh new page.

The color palette of this template is composed by 41 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Paarl #9d5229 rgb(157,82,41)
Spicy Mix #7e5340 rgb(126,83,64)
Quincy #5c3c29 rgb(92,60,41)
Cork #40261e rgb(64,38,30)
Crete #6c842c rgb(108,132,44)
Crocodile #756f57 rgb(117,111,87)
Fern Frond #516321 rgb(81,99,33)
Zeus #231f1c rgb(35,31,28)
Ottoman #f4fcf4 rgb(244,252,244)
Contessa #be6e69 rgb(190,110,105)
Dawn #9d9994 rgb(157,153,148)
Woodland #525923 rgb(82,89,35)
Peat #6c6753 rgb(108,103,83)
Polar #f2fcfa rgb(242,252,250)
Delta #acaca4 rgb(172,172,164)
Rose Fog #e4b4bc rgb(228,180,188)
Puce #cd8f9b rgb(205,143,155)
Gray #918f8f rgb(145,143,143)
Buccaneer #5b2832 rgb(91,40,50)
Mine Shaft #3a3a3a rgb(58,58,58)
Contessa #c16c7e rgb(193,108,126)
Jungle Green #28aca4 rgb(40,172,164)
Napa #b4a698 rgb(180,166,152)
Genoa #196b66 rgb(25,107,102)
Fuscous Gray #544c44 rgb(84,76,68)
Bone #e8d0c2 rgb(232,208,194)
Cranberry #de5e76 rgb(222,94,118)
Edward #aeb4b1 rgb(174,180,177)
San Juan #355872 rgb(53,88,114)
Gray Asparagus #4a5a44 rgb(74,90,68)
Beauty Bush #ecb4bc rgb(236,180,188)
Cape Palliser #9e6c47 rgb(158,108,71)
Pale Oyster #9d8f74 rgb(157,143,116)
Sycamore #818f42 rgb(129,143,66)
Kabul #62423c rgb(98,66,60)
Rose Fog #ecc8c6 rgb(236,200,198)
San Juan #345b76 rgb(52,91,118)
Mantle #959896 rgb(149,152,150)
San Juan #325668 rgb(50,86,104)
Axolotl #4c5d45 rgb(76,93,69)
Cranberry #db6177 rgb(219,97,119)

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