Wedding: a Free Wedding Website Template Wedding: a Free Wedding Website Template Wedding: a Free Wedding Website Template Wedding: a Free Wedding Website Template

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Wedding is, hence its name, a free wedding website template with beauty written all over the design. From header to footer, you get nothing but amazing and practical features that will help you get ready for the big day. No matter how short the deadline is, a website for brides and grooms can be up and running in a snap with Wedding template. This is, unquestionably, the best option to get your commitment ceremony online. Announce the day, invite friends and family and create an unforgettable adventure.

The nuptials experience begins with a large banner with text that makes the marriage news go public. Introduce bride and groom, create a countdown timer and inform attendees about the ceremony activities. All this and plenty more is what you can do quickly with Wedding free website template.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Cosmic #6c346c rgb(108,52,108)
Rum #7e5d80 rgb(126,93,128)
Plum #6c246c rgb(108,36,108)
Cutty Sark #4c746b rgb(76,116,107)
Periwinkle Gray #bbbde4 rgb(187,189,228)
Tumbleweed #dcac84 rgb(220,172,132)
Beaver #886e57 rgb(136,110,87)
Mule Fawn #84542c rgb(132,84,44)
Zambezi #5c5454 rgb(92,84,84)
Spray #79def0 rgb(121,222,240)
Potters Clay #875c3a rgb(135,92,58)
Muesli #a67a57 rgb(166,122,87)
Irish Coffee #5c3f27 rgb(92,63,39)
Birch #322921 rgb(50,41,33)
Heliotrope #c250f9 rgb(194,80,249)
Apple Blossom #a4443c rgb(164,68,60)
Nevada #646c74 rgb(100,108,116)
Irish Coffee #612823 rgb(97,40,35)
Roman Coffee #75594c rgb(117,89,76)
Tumbleweed #dca488 rgb(220,164,136)
Di Serria #df9755 rgb(223,151,85)
Leather #907c55 rgb(144,124,85)
Cloud Burst #1d293e rgb(29,41,62)
Roman Coffee #7c5a4e rgb(124,90,78)
Tonys Pink #e6ab82 rgb(230,171,130)
Danube #67b1d1 rgb(103,177,209)
Spun Pearl #aca9af rgb(172,169,175)
Cello #1e5065 rgb(30,80,101)
Falcon #805c68 rgb(128,92,104)
Hopbush #c7719a rgb(199,113,154)
Viking #6cacdc rgb(108,172,220)
Tapa #706e6c rgb(112,110,108)
Asphalt #0c0406 rgb(12,4,6)
East Bay #4c4c7c rgb(76,76,124)
Medium Purple #a44ce4 rgb(164,76,228)
Teak #b59b61 rgb(181,155,97)
Santas Gray #9ea2ae rgb(158,162,174)
Mule Fawn #90472a rgb(144,71,42)
Woody Brown #433230 rgb(67,50,48)
Can Can #dd9bb2 rgb(221,155,178)
Sky Blue #70cdef rgb(112,205,239)
Dove Gray #656464 rgb(101,100,100)
Asphalt #0c0405 rgb(12,4,5)
Heavy Metal #1b1c19 rgb(27,28,25)
Chetwode Blue #9a8cda rgb(154,140,218)

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