Mediplus: a Free One Page Medical Website Template Mediplus: a Free One Page Medical Website Template Mediplus: a Free One Page Medical Website Template Mediplus: a Free One Page Medical Website Template

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Create a strong and lasting first impression on your potential clients with Mediplus, a free one page medical website template. With its cleanness, sophistication and professional look, Mediplus ensures a fantastic experience. All your site visitors will have a blast regardless of the device they use. You now have a fantastic page canvas right in front of your eyes. It takes just a click to download it, so put it into play right away. By employing the amazing Mediplus, you get a chance to present all your services, doctors and other information on the web in the best possible light.

From consultation and contact forms, sticky navbar and parallax effect to call-to-action buttons and animated statistics, Mediplus includes all the best and more. You can also start a blog and share all sorts of tips and recommendations which will greatly benefit the end user. Brand Mediplus or simply use it as is; both approaches work for a spectacular final result.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Dodger Blue #287df5 rgb(40,125,245)
Sandal #b38e76 rgb(179,142,118)
Cape Palliser #9d6747 rgb(157,103,71)
Cocoa Brown #2b201f rgb(43,32,31)
Spindle #bad1eb rgb(186,209,235)
Dodger Blue #227cfc rgb(34,124,252)
Thatch #c09f9d rgb(192,159,157)
Resolution Blue #013782 rgb(1,55,130)
Scorpion #575556 rgb(87,85,86)
Blizzard Blue #b6ddf0 rgb(182,221,240)
Dodger Blue #257cf6 rgb(37,124,246)
Quicksand #ba9592 rgb(186,149,146)
Medium Carmine #ac3438 rgb(172,52,56)
Shark #1d1d21 rgb(29,29,33)
Powder Blue #b4d7e7 rgb(180,215,231)
Dodger Blue #2c84fc rgb(44,132,252)
Pewter #989c9c rgb(152,156,156)
Congress Blue #013882 rgb(1,56,130)
Storm Dust #6c6c69 rgb(108,108,105)
Froly #f48a84 rgb(244,138,132)
Carnation #f96356 rgb(249,99,86)
Santas Gray #a2a2a4 rgb(162,162,164)
Sapphire #2c54ac rgb(44,84,172)
Shark #1a1a1b rgb(26,26,27)
Dodger Blue #287bf1 rgb(40,123,241)
Hippie Blue #588cb4 rgb(88,140,180)
Sand Dune #7e6464 rgb(126,100,100)
St Tropaz #2c548c rgb(44,84,140)
Thunder #393033 rgb(57,48,51)
Botticelli #dbe5ee rgb(219,229,238)
Dodger Blue #3e8cf4 rgb(62,140,244)
Silver Chalice #a0a0a0 rgb(160,160,160)
Catalina Blue #07397d rgb(7,57,125)
Botticelli #c7d6e6 rgb(199,214,230)
Calypso #3d6894 rgb(61,104,148)
Kabul #654744 rgb(101,71,68)
Ebony #0b121c rgb(11,18,28)
Thunder #342c2f rgb(52,44,47)
Periwinkle Gray #c7d3e7 rgb(199,211,231)
Dodger Blue #227cf7 rgb(34,124,247)
Shuttle Gray #626b79 rgb(98,107,121)
San Juan #344470 rgb(52,68,112)
Woodsmoke #121116 rgb(18,17,22)
Ship Cove #6684c2 rgb(102,132,194)

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