Pharma: a Free Pharmacy Website Template Pharma: a Free Pharmacy Website Template Pharma: a Free Pharmacy Website Template

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Pharma – hence the name – is a free pharmacy website template for selling medicinal drugs and other health-related products. The tool is based on Bootstrap Framework, 100% mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible and lightweight. Due to Pharma’s amazing and organized structure, everyone will have a breeze using it. Of course, you can either employ it out of the box or fine-tune the design further. No matter which path you take, the outcome with be a striking medical eCommerce website.

Pharma has a clean and minimal style which ensures great navigability and fantastic product showcase. Also, it includes product slider, multi-level drop-down menu, testimonials, contact form and more. You can also write a compelling about us page and go on a more personal level with all your potential shoppers. Start a fresh online store for medicinal drugs, vitamins and supplements with Pharma, a free pharmacy website template.

The color palette of this template is composed by 34 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Tulip Tree #ebbe2f rgb(235,190,47)
Donkey Brown #a69179 rgb(166,145,121)
Fiery Orange #a94513 rgb(169,69,19)
Yellow Metal #82653e rgb(130,101,62)
Turquoise Blue #54e3e6 rgb(84,227,230)
Brandy Punch #d09037 rgb(208,144,55)
Lynch #646c94 rgb(100,108,148)
Sushi #74a040 rgb(116,160,64)
East Bay #465882 rgb(70,88,130)
French Rose #ec4474 rgb(236,68,116)
East Bay #405187 rgb(64,81,135)
Waterloo #7f7f8d rgb(127,127,141)
Christi #50b31a rgb(80,179,26)
Russett #76565b rgb(118,86,91)
Mandy #e44472 rgb(228,68,114)
Burnt Umber #844424 rgb(132,68,36)
Copper Rose #946c64 rgb(148,108,100)
Metallic Copper #68351c rgb(104,53,28)
Kabul #59493e rgb(89,73,62)
Turquoise Blue #54e4e4 rgb(84,228,228)
Viking #56dcdc rgb(86,220,220)
Bermuda Gray #7494ac rgb(116,148,172)
East Bay #3c4c84 rgb(60,76,132)
Powder Blue #acd4e2 rgb(172,212,226)
Crail #c15c44 rgb(193,92,68)
Gray #8e8d8d rgb(142,141,141)
Calypso #3c7494 rgb(60,116,148)
Tuatara #292825 rgb(41,40,37)
Muddy Waters #bc8d6b rgb(188,141,107)
Di Serria #dfa664 rgb(223,166,100)
Gumbo #7e98a7 rgb(126,152,167)
Eastern Blue #2a96b3 rgb(42,150,179)
Outer Space #283038 rgb(40,48,56)
Valencia #d84b4f rgb(216,75,79)

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