Medisen: a Free Bootstrap Medical Website Template Medisen: a Free Bootstrap Medical Website Template Medisen: a Free Bootstrap Medical Website Template Medisen: a Free Bootstrap Medical Website Template

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With Medisen, a free Bootstrap medical website template, you can speed up the process of creating your online presence. Whether a doctor, a hospital, a health facility, a dentist, you name it, with Medisen, you can hammer out a sophisticated page. Present your services in the best possible light, getting everyone familiar with what you do right away. Of course, Medisen is 100% mobile-ready and responsive, making sure all your content appears stunningly on handheld and desktop devices.

Medisen has a clean and minimal web design which ensures a distraction-free experience. Other features include sticky navigation, drop-down menu, online appointment form, testimonials slider and newsletter subscription. Google Maps and working contact form are also part of the deal, as well as blog pages. In conclusion, for a strong first impression, you go with free Bootstrap medical website template, Medisen.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Denim #1073d4 rgb(16,115,212)
Manatee #969ca5 rgb(150,156,165)
Fun Blue #1e67b0 rgb(30,103,176)
Shark #2a2a32 rgb(42,42,50)
Shakespeare #50b2dc rgb(80,178,220)
Cornflower Blue #64a4e4 rgb(100,164,228)
Gray #8c8c8c rgb(140,140,140)
Science Blue #0464dc rgb(4,100,220)
Tundora #4c4c4c rgb(76,76,76)
Seagull #82b2e6 rgb(130,178,230)
Havelock Blue #5b95e2 rgb(91,149,226)
Oslo Gray #888a8d rgb(136,138,141)
Science Blue #0565de rgb(5,101,222)
Thunder #1f1c1e rgb(31,28,30)
Jagged Ice #cfe7ec rgb(207,231,236)
Dodger Blue #3cacfc rgb(60,172,252)
Boulder #7c7474 rgb(124,116,116)
Denim #0e80d5 rgb(14,128,213)
Rangoon Green #0a0a08 rgb(10,10,8)
Jordy Blue #82bef0 rgb(130,190,240)
Bay of Many #254f7a rgb(37,79,122)
Makara #817a6c rgb(129,122,108)
Catalina Blue #062e6e rgb(6,46,110)
Bunker #0e1015 rgb(14,16,21)
Periwinkle Gray #afcce1 rgb(175,204,225)
Danube #5c9ccc rgb(92,156,204)
Nobel #b8a8aa rgb(184,168,170)
Science Blue #0664de rgb(6,100,222)
Abbey #4c4c54 rgb(76,76,84)
Danube #7da2d5 rgb(125,162,213)
Mariner #287cd8 rgb(40,124,216)
Silver Chalice #acacac rgb(172,172,172)
Aztec #0f1d25 rgb(15,29,37)
Nevada #616466 rgb(97,100,102)
Cornflower Blue #5c9cec rgb(92,156,236)
Science Blue #0464e0 rgb(4,100,224)
Pharlap #9d7870 rgb(157,120,112)
Minsk #343a85 rgb(52,58,133)
Russett #7c5d60 rgb(124,93,96)
Pigeon Post #aac1dd rgb(170,193,221)
Denim #0f65ce rgb(15,101,206)
Oslo Gray #949798 rgb(148,151,152)
Firefly #0c1b23 rgb(12,27,35)
Nevada #676c70 rgb(103,108,112)
Havelock Blue #65a6de rgb(101,166,222)

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