Medcare: a Free Healthcare Website Template Medcare: a Free Healthcare Website Template Medcare: a Free Healthcare Website Template Medcare: a Free Healthcare Website Template Medcare: a Free Healthcare Website Template

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For hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions, Medcare is the free healthcare website template to go with. It sports a stunning, clean and attention-grabbing web design that is both responsive and cross-browser compatible. On top of that, Medcare is also very easy to use as it is fully organized and well-structured. In short, you will have a breeze employing it and turning it into an active healthcare website.

Medcare is based on Bootstrap Framework and comes with many fantastic features. Speaking of which, it includes sticky navigation, social media buttons, testimonials, nice hover effects and subscription form. In the bundle, you will also discover a full-blown appointment form and accordions which you can use for frequently asked questions. Enhance your existing web space or enter the online space with a fresh bang by utilizing the powerful Medcare.

The color palette of this template is composed by 52 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Denim #1a63d1 rgb(26,99,209)
Nepal #96a7c0 rgb(150,167,192)
Cloud Burst #24325f rgb(36,50,95)
Cod Gray #131013 rgb(19,16,19)
Ziggurat #c2dce5 rgb(194,220,229)
Science Blue #0453cc rgb(4,83,204)
Silver Chalice #aeaeae rgb(174,174,174)
Denim #0c54cc rgb(12,84,204)
Spindle #acc4ea rgb(172,196,234)
Fun Blue #1750a5 rgb(23,80,165)
Manatee #979798 rgb(151,151,152)
Science Blue #0454d4 rgb(4,84,212)
Shark #23252a rgb(35,37,42)
Cornflower Blue #74acec rgb(116,172,236)
Denim #0d4dc0 rgb(13,77,192)
Toast #9e7868 rgb(158,120,104)
Spicy Mix #84543c rgb(132,84,60)
Rock #4e3e38 rgb(78,62,56)
Polo Blue #9ab4d8 rgb(154,180,216)
Science Blue #064ac4 rgb(6,74,196)
Leather #906453 rgb(144,100,83)
Night Rider #231510 rgb(35,21,16)
Tundora #4c403f rgb(76,64,63)
Eunry #d2a596 rgb(210,165,150)
Danube #6ca4cc rgb(108,164,204)
Hoki #668a9c rgb(102,138,156)
San Marino #446c9c rgb(68,108,156)
Masala #3d3536 rgb(61,53,54)
Rock Blue #9cbcd4 rgb(156,188,212)
Mariner #3172c9 rgb(49,114,201)
Rodeo Dust #c6ac9a rgb(198,172,154)
East Bay #3c5481 rgb(60,84,129)
Thunder #383437 rgb(56,52,55)
Danube #7badd9 rgb(123,173,217)
Havelock Blue #6c94dc rgb(108,148,220)
Santas Gray #9c9ca4 rgb(156,156,164)
Biscay #19366b rgb(25,54,107)
Dull Lavender #8cace0 rgb(140,172,224)
Cerulean Blue #295cb1 rgb(41,92,177)
Boulder #747474 rgb(116,116,116)
Biscay #18376b rgb(24,55,107)
Polo Blue #98b4d0 rgb(152,180,208)
Science Blue #0752ce rgb(7,82,206)
Shuttle Gray #606366 rgb(96,99,102)
Fun Blue #1a4f9c rgb(26,79,156)
Ship Gray #373638 rgb(55,54,56)
Danube #5b92d2 rgb(91,146,210)
Science Blue #0754d3 rgb(7,84,211)
Manatee #9d9d9e rgb(157,157,158)
St Tropaz #305591 rgb(48,85,145)
Tuna #35363c rgb(53,54,60)
Havelock Blue #5b94d8 rgb(91,148,216)

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