DrCare: a Multi-Purpose Free Healthcare Website Template DrCare: a Multi-Purpose Free Healthcare Website Template DrCare: a Multi-Purpose Free Healthcare Website Template DrCare: a Multi-Purpose Free Healthcare Website Template

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DrCare is a multi-purpose free healthcare website template which you can use for building hospital, clinic, doctor, dentist and surgeon pages to name a few. You can go the generic or the niche way, whatever you do, DrCare guarantees a stupendous final product that will grow your medical business to new successes. Couple your professional services with template’s clean and distraction-free look and boost your potential through the roof.

In the DrCare bundle, you will discover a terrific home page, as well as several additional and highly practical internal designs. It sports a marvelous and filterable clinic departments section, testimonials slider, free consultation form and pricing plans. With DrCare, you can also start writing a blog, show your location on Google Maps and let them get in touch with you via the functional contact form.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Dodger Blue #308afa rgb(48,138,250)
Quicksand #ba9691 rgb(186,150,145)
Spice #703c34 rgb(112,60,52)
Russett #845e59 rgb(132,94,89)
Blizzard Blue #b3dff2 rgb(179,223,242)
Carrot Orange #f48c1c rgb(244,140,28)
Empress #7c6c74 rgb(124,108,116)
Antique Bronze #7e4406 rgb(126,68,6)
Kabul #58443c rgb(88,68,60)
Mint Tulip #c8e7f4 rgb(200,231,244)
Havelock Blue #74a7df rgb(116,167,223)
Russett #715d57 rgb(113,93,87)
Azure #36629e rgb(54,98,158)
Tuna #302f3d rgb(48,47,61)
Vanilla #d3b4a1 rgb(211,180,161)
Dodger Blue #3a8cf4 rgb(58,140,244)
Gray Chateau #a8afba rgb(168,175,186)
Catalina Blue #073b7d rgb(7,59,125)
Fiord #3f4d64 rgb(63,77,100)
Jordy Blue #7cb4ec rgb(124,180,236)
Dodger Blue #348af7 rgb(52,138,247)
Trout #4d545c rgb(77,84,92)
Cloud Burst #243c5c rgb(36,60,92)
Shark #272b2f rgb(39,43,47)
French Pass #ace5fc rgb(172,229,252)
Danube #74acdc rgb(116,172,220)
Sandrift #b08c7c rgb(176,140,124)
Biscay #1a4569 rgb(26,69,105)
Matterhorn #514140 rgb(81,65,64)
Pigeon Post #b9cbde rgb(185,203,222)
Muddy Waters #bc8454 rgb(188,132,84)
Ship Cove #6484b4 rgb(100,132,180)
Irish Coffee #5f4025 rgb(95,64,37)
Dodger Blue #2c8afb rgb(44,138,251)
Boston Blue #3979bd rgb(57,121,189)
Russett #7c6058 rgb(124,96,88)
Genoa #157a87 rgb(21,122,135)
Mine Shaft #363132 rgb(54,49,50)
Cameo #d8b5a3 rgb(216,181,163)
Dodger Blue #2c8bfb rgb(44,139,251)
Emperor #515051 rgb(81,80,81)
Congress Blue #043c8c rgb(4,60,140)
Cornflower #9ac9e9 rgb(154,201,233)

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