Medino: a Free Medicine Website Template Medino: a Free Medicine Website Template Medino: a Free Medicine Website Template Medino: a Free Medicine Website Template

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Get your hands of Medino, a free medicine website template, and sort out your online presence the professional way. For hospitals, clinics, dentists, surgeons, doctors and any other medical profession and institution, Medino is here to get you going on the web. With the ready-to-use clean and minimal web design, Medino makes sure you get the most out of it with little effort. Feel free to use it exactly as is or modify it with your branding needs and requirements. Whatever the case, succeed with Medino.

Medino impresses everyone with a full-screen banner, text and call-to-action button. Use it wisely and capture their attention in an instant. Moreover, Medino comes with neat hover effects, testimonials, appointment form, doctors pages, blog and a fully functional contact section. Of course, Medino is also 100% mobile-ready, retina-friendly and compatible with modern web browsers.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Picton Blue #32abf2 rgb(50,171,242)
Oslo Gray #949799 rgb(148,151,153)
Venice Blue #07517c rgb(7,81,124)
Cape Cod #424647 rgb(66,70,71)
Tan #d3a687 rgb(211,166,135)
Cornflower Blue #4c7cf4 rgb(76,124,244)
Zorba #a49c94 rgb(164,156,148)
Catalina Blue #07297c rgb(7,41,124)
Emperor #544444 rgb(84,68,68)
Turquoise Blue #54dcec rgb(84,220,236)
Royal Blue #2a73ef rgb(42,115,239)
Mountain Mist #949295 rgb(148,146,149)
Catalina Blue #09337b rgb(9,51,123)
Baltic Sea #232227 rgb(35,34,39)
Jagged Ice #cee2ed rgb(206,226,237)
Shakespeare #3c96cc rgb(60,150,204)
Regent Gray #929da7 rgb(146,157,167)
Matisse #1a71ac rgb(26,113,172)
Matterhorn #4c3b3e rgb(76,59,62)
Picton Blue #50b4e8 rgb(80,180,232)
Curious Blue #3198d6 rgb(49,152,214)
Manatee #8d9098 rgb(141,144,152)
Tory Blue #0f5492 rgb(15,84,146)
Cocoa Brown #302625 rgb(48,38,37)
Picton Blue #4fbbea rgb(79,187,234)
Cornflower Blue #6cb2eb rgb(108,178,235)
Star Dust #a0a09c rgb(160,160,156)
Chathams Blue #0f4774 rgb(15,71,116)
Dodger Blue #3075f7 rgb(48,117,247)
Picton Blue #2cb4f4 rgb(44,180,244)
Spicy Pink #7e686a rgb(126,104,106)
San Juan #34446c rgb(52,68,108)
Botticelli #cfe0ec rgb(207,224,236)
Dodger Blue #2eb7f9 rgb(46,183,249)
Manatee #98989a rgb(152,152,154)
Jacksons Purple #1c3c8c rgb(28,60,140)
Thunder #262425 rgb(38,36,37)
Dodger Blue #2f77f6 rgb(47,119,246)
Curious Blue #2e82dc rgb(46,130,220)
Lynch #678295 rgb(103,130,149)
St Tropaz #26548c rgb(38,84,140)
Thunder #211d21 rgb(33,29,33)
Jagged Ice #cbdfed rgb(203,223,237)

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