Dento: a Free Dental Care Website Template Dento: a Free Dental Care Website Template Dento: a Free Dental Care Website Template Dento: a Free Dental Care Website Template

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Dento is a free dental care website template, a near complete solution to get your clinic online as fast as possible. It is a Bootstrap Framework based tool that ensures mobile-readiness, as well as full modern web browser compatibility. With a dentistry website based on Dento, your patients get a chance to familiarize themselves with your services using either mobile or desktop devices.

When you utilize Dento, you will notice that the entire web design is already done and ready to put it to use. Spark their interest with a full-width slider, showcase your services and prices and educate them with a compelling blog. With Dento, you can achieve a lot on the world wide web and take your dental care business to an entirely new degree hassle free.

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Cerulean #0eaeea rgb(14,174,234)
Gray Chateau #9ba4ac rgb(155,164,172)
Port Gore #241c3c rgb(36,28,60)
Ebony Clay #26243c rgb(38,36,60)
Bermuda #83c9dd rgb(131,201,221)
Picton Blue #50c4e4 rgb(80,196,228)
Steel Blue #5480b1 rgb(84,128,177)
Chambray #3c5689 rgb(60,86,137)
Rock #4a3632 rgb(74,54,50)
Periwinkle Gray #b9cfe5 rgb(185,207,229)
Boston Blue #388cc1 rgb(56,140,193)
Sandal #af7e6d rgb(175,126,109)
Chambray #335488 rgb(51,84,136)
Matterhorn #493839 rgb(73,56,57)
Polo Blue #94b2d7 rgb(148,178,215)
Viking #77c1d8 rgb(119,193,216)
Bali Hai #8c9cb9 rgb(140,156,185)
Cloud Burst #1c2946 rgb(28,41,70)
Blue Bayoux #465c72 rgb(70,92,114)
Old Rose #c08474 rgb(192,132,116)
Glacier #88b7ca rgb(136,183,202)
Suva Gray #847981 rgb(132,121,129)
Port Gore #17183e rgb(23,24,62)
Eclipse #351f1a rgb(53,31,26)
Cameo #dbb397 rgb(219,179,151)
Picton Blue #2cb8e9 rgb(44,184,233)
Manatee #999ca4 rgb(153,156,164)
Eastern Blue #148cbc rgb(20,140,188)
Oxford Blue #3c4c5c rgb(60,76,92)
Viking #6cccdc rgb(108,204,220)
Picton Blue #2fbaec rgb(47,186,236)
Blue Bayoux #4a5c74 rgb(74,92,116)
Cerulean #0c94cc rgb(12,148,204)
Fiord #44526a rgb(68,82,106)
Seagull #84d4ec rgb(132,212,236)
Cerulean #08abea rgb(8,171,234)
Shuttle Gray #596671 rgb(89,102,113)
Blue Zodiac #0b1a3c rgb(11,26,60)
Gun Powder #44435b rgb(68,67,91)
Sinbad #abd1d8 rgb(171,209,216)
Cerulean #08acea rgb(8,172,234)
Raven #7d848f rgb(125,132,143)
Port Gore #24234a rgb(36,35,74)
Half Baked #7abdd0 rgb(122,189,208)

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