Newspaper X: A Very Popular Magazine WordPress Theme Newspaper X: A Very Popular Magazine WordPress Theme Newspaper X: A Very Popular Magazine WordPress Theme

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It is Bootstrap based and it is built to be manageable through WordPress Customizer. It also features an awesome ad banner to add publicities. Newspaper X comes with 4 categories separated in grids. These are: editorial, events, latest news and world news. Go through posts with its intuitive search bar. It is a theme for any communication purpose at high or low scale. You will also find awesome pages for blogs and a topbar with social media buttons, too! Have fun with this awesome simple theme! Try Newspaper X!

The color palette of this template is composed by 33 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Valencia #db443f rgb(219,68,63)
Friar Gray #7d7d7b rgb(125,125,123)
Pueblo #872c17 rgb(135,44,23)
Masala #4d4441 rgb(77,68,65)
Contessa #cc7474 rgb(204,116,116)
Mandy #e24f4e rgb(226,79,78)
Bombay #adb0b1 rgb(173,176,177)
Kashmir Blue #40648c rgb(64,100,140)
Fuscous Gray #4a4a48 rgb(74,74,72)
Pigeon Post #b4ccdc rgb(180,204,220)
Cinnabar #e44343 rgb(228,67,67)
Edward #a5a7a7 rgb(165,167,167)
Astronaut #224772 rgb(34,71,114)
Flint #6e695f rgb(110,105,95)
Turmeric #d1af52 rgb(209,175,82)
Scooter #40c8cc rgb(64,200,204)
Bitter #7e826f rgb(126,130,111)
Elm #1b6668 rgb(27,102,104)
Abbey #545859 rgb(84,88,89)
White Lilac #e3e9f4 rgb(227,233,244)
Oracle #3b7f77 rgb(59,127,119)
Oslo Gray #818485 rgb(129,132,133)
Firefly #102836 rgb(16,40,54)
Cape Cod #383e3e rgb(56,62,62)
Conifer #acdd66 rgb(172,221,102)
Flame Pea #dc544c rgb(220,84,76)
Jumbo #7c7c84 rgb(124,124,132)
Mirage #1c2c3b rgb(28,44,59)
Pickled Bluewood #253345 rgb(37,51,69)
Hippie Pink #a9445a rgb(169,68,90)
Bermuda Gray #6b92ad rgb(107,146,173)
Black Pearl #04142c rgb(4,20,44)
Shuttle Gray #5e6a79 rgb(94,106,121)

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