Prodent: a Free Dentistry Website Template Prodent: a Free Dentistry Website Template Prodent: a Free Dentistry Website Template Prodent: a Free Dentistry Website Template

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To build a top-notch dentist page, Prodent is the free dentistry website template that will do the trick. With the right set of tools, you can have a full-blown web presence up and running in a small breeze. Even if this means bringing into being a website for a dental clinic, with Prodent, you can make things happen effortlessly.

Prodent has multiple amazing features and qualities that you can take to your advantage and shine online. It rocks a full-width banner with text slider and call-to-action buttons, 100% mobile-ready layout, hover effects, testimonials and newsletter subscription box. Along with an attention-grabbing front page, Prodent also includes other internal sections for about, services, blog and contacts. As far as the latter goes, it rocks a functional contact form and Google Maps to display your exact location.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Atlantis #75cc33 rgb(117,204,51)
Roman Coffee #7c5850 rgb(124,88,80)
Fun Blue #1c65ab rgb(28,101,171)
Cocoa Brown #3a2323 rgb(58,35,35)
Chetwode Blue #839fde rgb(131,159,222)
Feijoa #9cd86d rgb(156,216,109)
Arrowtown #92856c rgb(146,133,108)
Apple #649c3c rgb(100,156,60)
Outer Space #2c3134 rgb(44,49,52)
Petite Orchid #daa492 rgb(218,164,146)
Tacha #d7b25b rgb(215,178,91)
Schooner #928581 rgb(146,133,129)
Denim #106dc9 rgb(16,109,201)
Mine Shaft #3d3939 rgb(61,57,57)
Black Squeeze #eaf3f8 rgb(234,243,248)
Steel Blue #4c94b9 rgb(76,148,185)
Cadet Blue #9bacbf rgb(155,172,191)
Rhino #304064 rgb(48,64,100)
Cocoa Brown #2f2423 rgb(47,36,35)
Cameo #dcbda5 rgb(220,189,165)
Boston Blue #338bba rgb(51,139,186)
Teak #b48c6a rgb(180,140,106)
San Juan #34507a rgb(52,80,122)
Mine Shaft #2c2626 rgb(44,38,38)
Shakespeare #4ab7d1 rgb(74,183,209)
Pastel Green #90d460 rgb(144,212,96)
Old Rose #bc8c74 rgb(188,140,116)
Dell #3b681c rgb(59,104,28)
Scorpion #5c5c5c rgb(92,92,92)
Deco #c4e4a4 rgb(196,228,164)
Pastel Green #94d464 rgb(148,212,100)
Gray #848484 rgb(132,132,132)
Olive Drab #5c9c2c rgb(92,156,44)
Ship Gray #3a383c rgb(58,56,60)
Chrome White #e0edcc rgb(224,237,204)
Chelsea Cucumber #90b059 rgb(144,176,89)
Manatee #979799 rgb(151,151,153)
Ebony #0b131a rgb(11,19,26)
Thunder #2e2c2d rgb(46,44,45)
Eunry #cca195 rgb(204,161,149)
Atlantis #73cc2b rgb(115,204,43)
Sirocco #727373 rgb(114,115,115)
Seaweed #162e12 rgb(22,46,18)
Woodsmoke #0c0e0f rgb(12,14,15)
Coconut Cream #eef9e1 rgb(238,249,225)

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