Medicare 2: a Free Doctor Website Template Medicare 2: a Free Doctor Website Template Medicare 2: a Free Doctor Website Template Medicare 2: a Free Doctor Website Template

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If you are looking for a free doctor website template, Medicare 2 is the best solution for you. Not only is it modern and contemporary looking, but Medicare 2 also comes packed with great functionalities to help you rock the online world in style. It follows all the latest web and tech trends to make sure all your potential patients get the most out of your page straight away. No matter what device and what web browser they use, Medicare 2 makes sure your doctor, medical, hospital or clinic website always delivers the best experience.

Indeed, Medicare 2 is a versatile and adaptive template which you can use for all sorts of medical intentions. Go against the norm at free will and customize the tool however you see it fit your needs and requirements best. Let it sort out your appointments, get others familiar with your professional services and do not forget to introduce all your doctors.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Governor Bay #2640ab rgb(38,64,171)
Toast #9f7264 rgb(159,114,100)
Astronaut #243670 rgb(36,54,112)
Port Gore #222444 rgb(34,36,68)
Dodger Blue #26b9fb rgb(38,185,251)
Purple Heart #7445de rgb(116,69,222)
Oslo Gray #899197 rgb(137,145,151)
Persian Plum #6c1c34 rgb(108,28,52)
Emperor #52474e rgb(82,71,78)
Medium Purple #815ddf rgb(129,93,223)
Medium Purple #7d53e1 rgb(125,83,225)
Oslo Gray #868f95 rgb(134,143,149)
Persian Indigo #2f1370 rgb(47,19,112)
Gravel #423e43 rgb(66,62,67)
Picton Blue #42c2f5 rgb(66,194,245)
Malibu #52caf8 rgb(82,202,248)
Coral Tree #a66a6c rgb(166,106,108)
Venice Blue #055d7f rgb(5,93,127)
Dolphin #6a6474 rgb(106,100,116)
Cashmere #e4b4a0 rgb(228,180,160)
Dodger Blue #3bc7fa rgb(59,199,250)
Gray Chateau #a7a8a9 rgb(167,168,169)
Roof Terracotta #af3820 rgb(175,56,32)
Shark #27292c rgb(39,41,44)
Sky Blue #6dd0ef rgb(109,208,239)
Deep Blush #e078b4 rgb(224,120,180)
Rum #706484 rgb(112,100,132)
Wine Berry #5c242c rgb(92,36,44)
Au Chico #845056 rgb(132,80,86)
Malibu #54ccf4 rgb(84,204,244)
Picton Blue #38b4ec rgb(56,180,236)
Mountain Mist #a4a3a6 rgb(164,163,166)
Royal Heath #ac3484 rgb(172,52,132)
Mine Shaft #242424 rgb(36,36,36)
Picton Blue #46c3f8 rgb(70,195,248)
Dodger Blue #31bff8 rgb(49,191,248)
Muesli #ac8464 rgb(172,132,100)
Paarl #9d5e25 rgb(157,94,37)
Thunder #251e1e rgb(37,30,30)
Cranberry #d85797 rgb(216,87,151)
Picton Blue #3cc1f4 rgb(60,193,244)
Empress #787376 rgb(120,115,118)
Tawny Port #822256 rgb(130,34,86)
Scorpion #5b5657 rgb(91,86,87)
Ziggurat #b7dae3 rgb(183,218,227)

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