Hospice: a Versatile Free Clinic Website Template Hospice: a Versatile Free Clinic Website Template Hospice: a Versatile Free Clinic Website Template Hospice: a Versatile Free Clinic Website Template

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Hospice is a versatile free clinic website template which you can utilize for a broad specter of different medical and health-related pages. Out of the box, Hospice comes with an elegant, orderly and sophisticated web design that will appeal to a wide audience. Of course, the tool is also optimized for mobile devices, retina screens, as well as modern web browsers. Hospice follows all up-to-the-minute web and tech regulations for stability and security.

In the Hospice kit, you get a complete web design for a quick and reliable launch of a fresh website for clinics, hospitals, doctors, dentists and other medical institutions. May your imagination not limit you a slight bit, with Hospice, you can go after building all sorts of web spaces. On top of that, you can also adjust and edit it however you see it fit your business best. It is easy and straightforward.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Fountain Blue #609bc0 rgb(96,155,192)
Slate Gray #6e7692 rgb(110,118,146)
Blue Zodiac #132f60 rgb(19,47,96)
Mulled Wine #55465d rgb(85,70,93)
Ziggurat #c0cfe1 rgb(192,207,225)
Muddy Waters #bc8c6c rgb(188,140,108)
Smalt Blue #58788c rgb(88,120,140)
Potters Clay #8c5c3c rgb(140,92,60)
Dorado #59504c rgb(89,80,76)
Cameo #dcb4a0 rgb(220,180,160)
Shakespeare #47aada rgb(71,170,218)
Roman Coffee #7b5747 rgb(123,87,71)
Sepia Skin #9c6c3c rgb(156,108,60)
Thunder #241f20 rgb(36,31,32)
Eunry #d1ac98 rgb(209,172,152)
Viking #74bcdc rgb(116,188,220)
Arrowtown #9c846e rgb(156,132,110)
Nile Blue #1a374b rgb(26,55,75)
Shuttle Gray #546974 rgb(84,105,116)
Tan #d4a484 rgb(212,164,132)
Tan #d0a48f rgb(208,164,143)
Shadow #88634e rgb(136,99,78)
Blue Dianne #1d3545 rgb(29,53,69)
Cocoa Brown #140f0e rgb(20,15,14)
Rose Fog #e1baa8 rgb(225,186,168)
Picton Blue #3cace4 rgb(60,172,228)
Edward #a4acac rgb(164,172,172)
Chathams Blue #105374 rgb(16,83,116)
Cornflower #94d4ec rgb(148,212,236)
Shakespeare #48a9d9 rgb(72,169,217)
Dusty Gray #9c9c9c rgb(156,156,156)
Chathams Blue #16506d rgb(22,80,109)
Dove Gray #6c6a6a rgb(108,106,106)
Picton Blue #40abe2 rgb(64,171,226)
Manatee #999a9d rgb(153,154,157)
Eastern Blue #24a4bc rgb(36,164,188)
Baltic Sea #121013 rgb(18,16,19)
Fountain Blue #60a6c3 rgb(96,166,195)
Picton Blue #43aade rgb(67,170,222)
Dove Gray #706f6f rgb(112,111,111)
Aztec #091015 rgb(9,16,21)
Fuscous Gray #4c4b4a rgb(76,75,74)
Regent St Blue #addde9 rgb(173,221,233)

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