Remedic: a Cutting-Edge Free Medical and Hospital Website Template Remedic: a Cutting-Edge Free Medical and Hospital Website Template Remedic: a Cutting-Edge Free Medical and Hospital Website Template Remedic: a Cutting-Edge Free Medical and Hospital Website Template

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Remedic is a supreme and cutting-edge free medical and hospital website template for you to expand your business reach and help more patients out. Once you download the HTML tool, you are not far away from launching a functional and active page anymore. Remedic has the majority of content prepared and ready-to-use for you to utilize and take to your advantage. Moreover, it is a responsive and mobile-ready page canvas that works smoothly on all devices and browsers.

What’s more, Remedic has a full-width banner, loads content on scroll and rocks fantastic hover effects to spice up the experience. Animated statistics, testimonials slider, blog, newsletter subscription, a working contact form and an appointment pop-up are additional powerful assets of the always impressive Remedic.

The color palette of this template is composed by 43 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Glacier #7ec1c3 rgb(126,193,195)
Acapulco #6cac9e rgb(108,172,158)
Astral #3374a3 rgb(51,116,163)
Sinbad #9fcbd4 rgb(159,203,212)
Downy #71b4cd rgb(113,180,205)
Hippie Blue #5699a4 rgb(86,153,164)
Blue Dianne #225062 rgb(34,80,98)
Havelock Blue #519ae0 rgb(81,154,224)
Danube #66accc rgb(102,172,204)
Trout #4c4e5e rgb(76,78,94)
Mariner #2873bd rgb(40,115,189)
Cutty Sark #59847c rgb(89,132,124)
Half Baked #7bc6ce rgb(123,198,206)
Cerulean #0fb2e3 rgb(15,178,227)
Gun Powder #43465a rgb(67,70,90)
Big Stone #19243c rgb(25,36,60)
Falcon #84606c rgb(132,96,108)
Turquoise Blue #64cce4 rgb(100,204,228)
Cerulean #07b6e4 rgb(7,182,228)
Falcon #7e636b rgb(126,99,107)
Mariner #267cbd rgb(38,124,189)
Ebony Clay #292f44 rgb(41,47,68)
Danube #5587c6 rgb(85,135,198)
Cobalt #064da4 rgb(6,77,164)
Copper Rose #9c706e rgb(156,112,110)
Denim #1c74c0 rgb(28,116,192)
Kabul #564c44 rgb(86,76,68)
Cornflower #98cce8 rgb(152,204,232)
Curious Blue #197ce5 rgb(25,124,229)
Blue Bayoux #535e84 rgb(83,94,132)
Chambray #345184 rgb(52,81,132)
Smoky #5d5877 rgb(93,88,119)
Downy #64d4bc rgb(100,212,188)
Endeavour #0853a7 rgb(8,83,167)
Santas Gray #9498b0 rgb(148,152,176)
Denim #1179c7 rgb(17,121,199)
Matterhorn #46393c rgb(70,57,60)
Picton Blue #42b7e6 rgb(66,183,230)
Shakespeare #50bdc9 rgb(80,189,201)
Waterloo #848198 rgb(132,129,152)
Rhino #28375a rgb(40,55,90)
Dolphin #636178 rgb(99,97,120)
Catskill White #edf2f7 rgb(237,242,247)

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