Medart: a Medical Website Template Medart: a Medical Website Template Medart: a Medical Website Template Medart: a Medical Website Template

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No matter what you do, Medart is the best free medical website template to push your services and reach a much broader audience. With a freshly designed website, more patients will find you for a potential of scaling your business through the roof. Medart is a clean, elegant, professional and neatly packed tool with all the necessary web elements and then some.

It takes little work and effort to turn Medart template into a functional website to start attracting new visitors. Full-width slider, appointment form, awesome testimonials section and a full-blown contact page with a working form and Google Maps, all this and a whole lot more awaits every Medart user. Create your medical website, regardless of the niche, today and have a top-notch web space sorted out.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Havelock Blue #519ee0 rgb(81,158,224)
Martini #ad9d99 rgb(173,157,153)
Chathams Blue #144570 rgb(20,69,112)
Emperor #4f494a rgb(79,73,74)
Cameo #dcbcab rgb(220,188,171)
Royal Blue #5482e4 rgb(84,130,228)
Bismark #446c8b rgb(68,108,139)
Ming #396786 rgb(57,103,134)
Wedgewood #4c7c94 rgb(76,124,148)
Regent St Blue #98cce4 rgb(152,204,228)
Royal Blue #5383e4 rgb(83,131,228)
Regent Gray #8996a1 rgb(137,150,161)
Chambray #2f487f rgb(47,72,127)
Ming #3a6484 rgb(58,100,132)
Catskill White #f4f7fa rgb(244,247,250)
Picton Blue #3bc4f4 rgb(59,196,244)
Waikawa Gray #546494 rgb(84,100,148)
San Juan #2d466a rgb(45,70,106)
Kashmir Blue #466e90 rgb(70,110,144)
Picton Blue #4ea4e4 rgb(78,164,228)
Cornflower #81aee2 rgb(129,174,226)
Hippie Blue #5c8cac rgb(92,140,172)
Ming #406b8b rgb(64,107,139)
East Bay #465885 rgb(70,88,133)
Charlotte #c0f0fb rgb(192,240,251)
Shakespeare #4cb4cc rgb(76,180,204)
Gray #868484 rgb(134,132,132)
Cello #1d5967 rgb(29,89,103)
Nandor #4f5452 rgb(79,84,82)
Tan #d5a891 rgb(213,168,145)
Polo Blue #86a4c9 rgb(134,164,201)
Hippie Blue #6393bc rgb(99,147,188)
Chambray #2d5178 rgb(45,81,120)
Kashmir Blue #45628b rgb(69,98,139)
Glacier #78a1c0 rgb(120,161,192)
Wedgewood #468593 rgb(70,133,147)
Gray Chateau #abaeaf rgb(171,174,175)
Ming #376486 rgb(55,100,134)
Lunar Green #484a48 rgb(72,74,72)
Akaroa #dbc2b3 rgb(219,194,179)
San Juan #2d5372 rgb(45,83,114)
Regent Gray #919ca6 rgb(145,156,166)
San Juan #2d4371 rgb(45,67,113)
Tundora #424242 rgb(66,66,66)
Chetwode Blue #87aedd rgb(135,174,221)

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