Healthcare: a Health and Medical Template for Clinics, Doctors and Hospitals Healthcare: a Health and Medical Template for Clinics, Doctors and Hospitals Healthcare: a Health and Medical Template for Clinics, Doctors and Hospitals Healthcare: a Health and Medical Template for Clinics, Doctors and Hospitals

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Healthcare, as its name suggests, is a free health and medical website template for clinics, doctors and hospitals. It will quickly adapt to any other intention you may have within the industry since it is highly customizable and easy to use. Speaking of easy, there is just about anyone out there who can utilize Healthcare due to the tidy and user-friendly code.

Everything about Healthcare is of the highest-standards, starting with the full-width slider which features text and call-to-action buttons. The web design of this professional template for everything health and medical related is cutting-edge, as well as optimized for top-notch performance, stability and flexibility. Healthcare makes sure your website works all the time and appears just as beautiful on mobile devices as it does on desktop computers. Create a remarkable medical webpage and spread health amongst many more people.

The color palette of this template is composed by 45 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Conifer #9cdc4b rgb(156,220,75)
Gray #8d8c8c rgb(141,140,140)
Dell #476f15 rgb(71,111,21)
Fuscous Gray #545251 rgb(84,82,81)
Picton Blue #54a2e4 rgb(84,162,228)
Picton Blue #4a9ce4 rgb(74,156,228)
Gray Chateau #a9acad rgb(169,172,173)
Chathams Blue #114573 rgb(17,69,115)
Scorpion #5c5c5c rgb(92,92,92)
Havelock Blue #46a8dc rgb(70,168,220)
Picton Blue #4b9be1 rgb(75,155,225)
Corduroy #636565 rgb(99,101,101)
Chathams Blue #124571 rgb(18,69,113)
Woodsmoke #0c0d0d rgb(12,13,13)
Aqua Island #a3cbdc rgb(163,203,220)
Picton Blue #3c9cea rgb(60,156,234)
Pewter #99a49d rgb(153,164,157)
Catalina Blue #0c4777 rgb(12,71,119)
Thunder #34292b rgb(52,41,43)
Conifer #a4e45c rgb(164,228,92)
Danube #5aa5c9 rgb(90,165,201)
Corduroy #696d6d rgb(105,109,109)
Sepia Skin #9c5444 rgb(156,84,68)
Dune #302726 rgb(48,39,38)
Picton Blue #3b9ceb rgb(59,156,235)
Old Copper #785834 rgb(120,88,52)
Boulder #7c7c7c rgb(124,124,124)
Irish Coffee #5c4328 rgb(92,67,40)
Rangitoto #2c2c24 rgb(44,44,36)
Conifer #9cdc4c rgb(156,220,76)
Curious Blue #3c92dc rgb(60,146,220)
Nevada #6c6f75 rgb(108,111,117)
Chathams Blue #144570 rgb(20,69,112)
Charade #2c2c34 rgb(44,44,52)
De York #80c494 rgb(128,196,148)
Conifer #9bdd48 rgb(155,221,72)
Muesli #ae8c64 rgb(174,140,100)
Irish Coffee #584027 rgb(88,64,39)
Ironside Gray #676561 rgb(103,101,97)
Sorrell Brown #c9a789 rgb(201,167,137)
Havelock Blue #4490d8 rgb(68,144,216)
Rolling Stone #797d7f rgb(121,125,127)
Firefly #0b1924 rgb(11,25,36)
River Bed #444b58 rgb(68,75,88)
Conifer #9ddd4c rgb(157,221,76)

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