Caremed: a Health and Medical Template for Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals Caremed: a Health and Medical Template for Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals Caremed: a Health and Medical Template for Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals Caremed: a Health and Medical Template for Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals

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Caremed is a free health and medical website template for doctors, clinics and hospitals. To be frank, you can use Caremed with many other health and medical based businesses easily. The tool is, after all, super simple to use and adjust so make sure you tweak it however you feel will best suit your web presence. If you would like to add something or completely avoid a particular element, Caremed is ready for any challenge.

With medicine being as advanced as it is, you need to make sure that your website also follows all the latest trends. By using Caremed, you do not have to worry about that. The tool is rich with useful features and predesigned content for you to benefit from. Caremed comes with an elegant and professional homepage and many other inner pages for about, services, news and contact section. Make it pro with Caremed!

The color palette of this template is composed by 44 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Bay of Many #2b3592 rgb(43,53,146)
Bali Hai #919caf rgb(145,156,175)
Potters Clay #8e5e39 rgb(142,94,57)
Taupe #3f342d rgb(63,52,45)
Twine #c38c60 rgb(195,140,96)
Pastel Green #74dc8c rgb(116,220,140)
Scampi #5962a5 rgb(89,98,165)
Chambray #3d459c rgb(61,69,156)
Kabul #685044 rgb(104,80,68)
Brandy #e0b79f rgb(224,183,159)
Emerald #31c560 rgb(49,197,96)
Quicksand #ba9b8f rgb(186,155,143)
Potters Clay #805538 rgb(128,85,56)
Dune #352e2c rgb(53,46,44)
Cameo #dcb497 rgb(220,180,151)
Danube #5c8ec4 rgb(92,142,196)
Nepal #82a6bc rgb(130,166,188)
Bay of Many #252c84 rgb(37,44,132)
Fuscous Gray #444440 rgb(68,68,64)
Emerald #3cc06c rgb(60,192,108)
Friar Gray #7e7d7b rgb(126,125,123)
Rhino #2b3168 rgb(43,49,104)
Baltic Sea #262527 rgb(38,37,39)
Danube #75a9d3 rgb(117,169,211)
East Bay #404d8c rgb(64,77,140)
Logan #9ca4c4 rgb(156,164,196)
Astronaut #2c3476 rgb(44,52,118)
Mulled Wine #4c4c69 rgb(76,76,105)
Vista Blue #9cd4b4 rgb(156,212,180)
Pastel Green #58d878 rgb(88,216,120)
Silver Chalice #acacac rgb(172,172,172)
Oracle #34786c rgb(52,120,108)
Pickled Bluewood #2e3555 rgb(46,53,85)
Vista Blue #9cd4ac rgb(156,212,172)
Chambray #363e81 rgb(54,62,129)
Santas Gray #9fa1b9 rgb(159,161,185)
Astronaut #242d68 rgb(36,45,104)
Trout #525464 rgb(82,84,100)
Fringy Flower #a4dcbe rgb(164,220,190)
Bay of Many #2a3490 rgb(42,52,144)
Dusty Gray #949494 rgb(148,148,148)
Blue Zodiac #0b1132 rgb(11,17,50)
Mid Gray #6a6a6b rgb(106,106,107)
Pastel Green #7cdc95 rgb(124,220,149)

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