Medical 2: a Dynamic and Free Medical Clinic Website Template Medical 2: a Dynamic and Free Medical Clinic Website Template Medical 2: a Dynamic and Free Medical Clinic Website Template Medical 2: a Dynamic and Free Medical Clinic Website Template

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Medical is a dynamic and free medical clinic website template to market your services and help those in need. After you launch the must-have website, people can finally find you and learn more about you without the need to call you. They can even use the contact page to get in touch with you if that is something they prefer. However, to book an appointment, Medical has a special form integrated into the home page design for their convenience.

What’s more, introduce your doctors, promote your fantastic services and do not hesitate and start writing a health blog. Medical is an ideal solution to bring in more patients and get your medical clinic in front of a wider audience. The features are available without the need of spending a dime; it is only a matter of you putting them to use.

The color palette of this template is composed by 40 colors:

Color Name Hex Rgb
Lima #70bc0f rgb(112,188,15)
Zorba #a4948c rgb(164,148,140)
Firefly #0c1827 rgb(12,24,39)
Shuttle Gray #64676d rgb(100,103,109)
Conifer #acd45c rgb(172,212,92)
Atlantis #8ccc3d rgb(140,204,61)
Edward #acb0b0 rgb(172,176,176)
Limeade #6cbc04 rgb(108,188,4)
Kabul #544440 rgb(84,68,64)
Deco #c6e49c rgb(198,228,156)
Limeade #6dba08 rgb(109,186,8)
Shuttle Gray #56636e rgb(86,99,110)
Eternity #191a0b rgb(25,26,11)
Masala #4c3f3d rgb(76,63,61)
Conifer #a6d459 rgb(166,212,89)
Atlantis #7cc424 rgb(124,196,36)
Tapa #7a7875 rgb(122,120,117)
Tuatara #3c3c3b rgb(60,60,59)
Yellow Green #acdc74 rgb(172,220,116)
Lima #75be18 rgb(117,190,24)
Star Dust #a1a29f rgb(161,162,159)
Mallard #2b471c rgb(43,71,28)
Tuatara #3b3b3a rgb(59,59,58)
Celery #a4c65a rgb(164,198,90)
Lima #75c423 rgb(117,196,35)
Dusty Gray #989494 rgb(152,148,148)
Fern Green #558034 rgb(85,128,52)
Dune #1f1d1b rgb(31,29,27)
Atlantis #94cc4c rgb(148,204,76)
Dusty Gray #9c9c9c rgb(156,156,156)
Scorpion #5c5c5c rgb(92,92,92)
Lima #6fbd1d rgb(111,189,29)
Gray #858181 rgb(133,129,129)
Apple #638f3c rgb(99,143,60)
Thunder #2b2428 rgb(43,36,40)
Pine Glade #b5c88a rgb(181,200,138)
Christi #6dbb09 rgb(109,187,9)
Cloudy #9f9b9a rgb(159,155,154)
Seaweed #2b471a rgb(43,71,26)
Storm Dust #71716f rgb(113,113,111)

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